10 Tools for Your Kitchen Remodel

For most kitchen remodels, homeowners or renters decided to try to do some of the work themselves. While hiring a contractor would be the easiest choice, sometimes you can save money by doing small projects yourself. Or if you only want to remodel one or two aspects compared to your entire kitchen, doing it yourself may be a better idea. When remodeling your kitchen, there are a variety of common tools you will most likely need to use. While each of these doesn't apply to every home remodel, they apply to the majority of kitchen remodeling projects.

  1. Hammer– Chances are, you will need a hammer at one point in your home remodel. Whether it’s for hammering in nails, tapping countertops into place or positioning tiles, it will come in handy. The best part is that you probably already own a hammer or two, so you might not need to invest in a new one for the remodel.
  2. Screwdriver– Much like the hammer, this is a commonly used tool in remodels. To save time and space, a multi-function screwdriver or drill will do the trick.
  3. Box cutter– Whether you’re using one to open boxes of supplies or to cut tile, a heavy-duty box cutter can help.
  4. Safety products- Depending on what aspects you are remodeling, you may need the following safety items: goggles, earplugs, respirators, a dust mask, work gloves, proper footwear, a first aid kit and even a hard hat.
  5. Measuring tools- A ruler, tape measure and level are all necessities for getting accurate measurements for your remodel.
  6. Ladder- Chances are you may be doing something about your lighting fixtures or cabinets during your remodel- both of which are high in terms of height. A ladder is the best way to reach these items.
  7. Vacuum- After a long day’s work, there is bound to be debris all over the floor and counters. A high-volt vacuum can make cleanup easy and quick.
  8. Area light- You need to be able to see everything that you are doing, and an area light will make sure that happens. Some kitchens can be poorly lit, so this tool helps solve this problem.
  9. Saw- Power saws, table saws and hand saws are three of the common options for a remodel. Each one helps with a different task- cutting wood, molding, cabinets, etc.
  10. Pen and paper- There will be so many instances where you need to jot down measurements, phone numbers and new ideas, so it’s best to be prepared with a notepad and pen.