4 Ways to Reuse Old Drawers

Repurposing old home items for new uses is a great way to give new life to something worn down that you’d normally toss. Cabinet or dresser drawers that are in need of replacing can find a new use in other parts of your home. Whether it’s your old furniture or you want to pick up old furniture at a garage sale, there are ways to make the most of what seems like junk. For cabinets, remove the drawer slides and you’re all set! On the other hand, side mount drawer slides and other non-bottom mount styles could be left on for added character. Consider using the slides as an accent to paint or to attach other pieces to. From there, you can stain the drawer to cover wear and tear, or paint a brand new color. Start by deciding how you’d like to reuse the drawer and then the color as well as styling decisions will follow!

From Drawer to… Wall Mounted Mirror

Gluing a mirror inside an old drawer and mounting on the wall is a great way to set up a nice wall accent. Consider a smaller drawer for this project and mount it near your front door. The mirror allows you to check your appearance one last time before heading out. Additionally, switching out the door pull or knob and installing hooks in the leftover holes gives a convenient spot to hang keys or umbrellas.

From Drawer to… Storage and Design

Switch out drawer slides for table legs and you can prop up an old drawer for storage around the house. This is a great way to get double the use out of a larger old drawer. Storing extra throw pillows saves space and can add another element of home décor in your living room or bedroom.

From Drawer to… Wall Mounted Shelf

Take an old drawer and add some extra wood dividers to create a shelf. This is a nice easy home project that doesn’t require much work. Add the extra wood shelving pieces with strong wood glue and some screws for good measure. Mount the drawer on the wall and get to organizing extra supplies and knick knacks!

From Drawer to… Plant Holder

From in a dresser to out on the patio, creating a plant holder from big or small drawers can be a fun project. Mount the drawer on table legs, a tree trunk, or whatever fits your outdoor aesthetic. Stain it or let the natural weather elements turn it into a fixture in your yard!