How to Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes homeowners will compromise on the kitchen initially with visions of improving it later on. The kitchen is quite often a bustling place for cooking meals and entertaining. If kitchen cabinet and counter space is limited, don’t feel cheated. Get creative! Consider some useful ideas for maximizing kitchen space and your less-than-ideal kitchen will feel like a perfect fit.

Extend Countertops

Counter space is a premium in the kitchen. It’s essential to concocting big meals and keeping everything organized. When countertop space is limited in the kitchen, it requires creativity to avoid juggling bowls or dishes falling on the floor. Depending on the space you’re dealing with, you could extend the counter top on one side of the sink or oven. Consider installing a true countertop addition or just getting a TV tray (at the right height) to add more space.

Lazy Susan in Cabinets

Many people think they’re a wizard when it comes to fitting everything in their kitchen cabinets, but sometimes the single shelf just won’t hold enough. This is where adding a lazy Susan comes in handy. Lazy Susans provide several shelf layers to install into your cabinet or pantry, and many of them rotate as well. Not only will you be able to store more into one shelf, but nothing will be unreachable in the back when the shelves rotate easily.

Stool for Tall Shelves

Speaking from experience, you can lose a great deal of your kitchen storage and function if it outmatches you in height. When space is limited, it’s important to be able to reach and store items in all the shelves. Instead of leaving the shelf empty, tucking a foot stool next to the cabinets or in the bottom shelf allows you full access. Imagine how much more can be stored in tall kitchen cabinets when you can easily reach the space, from extra pantry non-perishables to dishes and beyond.

On-Door and Sink Front Storage

As an alternative to the lazy Susan suggestion, on-door storage for your kitchen cabinets allows for organization and prioritizing. By attaching a wall mounted rack of bins on the inside of the door, you can place the spices or condiments you reach most often. As for sink front storage, this allows for saving more room around the actual sink. Instead of kitchen odds and ends filling up more valuable drawer space, they can sit in the sink front tray. These are usually small and installed to tip out in front of the sink, in the space between the edge of the counter and the sink bowl.