Spotlight On: The InvisiDoor

The name InvisiDoor might not immediately ring a bell, and when you see one out in the world, you only know half of what you’re truly seeing. InvisiDoors, or hidden bookcase doors, are designed specifically to fit seamlessly into a home, as if it were an invisible door. When customers install a hidden door into their home, they’re hoping to conceal an extra room for a variety of purposes. We’ll take a look at this unique product and the value it can bring to the home. Why Hidden Door
The value of a hidden bookcase door goes beyond the room it conceals. The door itself offers more shelving and storage. Depending on your desired aesthetic you can personalize the door with paint, by adding cabinet doors, by adding wood appliques, and more. Hidden doors can be used to replace an existing door to a room or a closet, or it can be installed from scratch in a new construction project. Uses for Hidden Door Hidden doors most likely bring up thoughts of haunted homes or panic rooms and doomsday preparations. These are both great uses, but hidden doors can also just be for fun! Create a secret playroom for your children or a great place to hid presents for birthdays and holidays. Use it as secure storage for emergency supplies, such as non-perishables and water. It’s often tempting to pick at the available supply when you run low in the house, but this way it’s hidden out of sight. On the other hand, you could install it to cover a closet. Basically, the hidden door can serve the purpose you prefer. Installation is Easy Hiring a contractor can be expensive, which is why the hidden bookcase door comes with instructions for customer installation. Whether you want to presence of your hidden door to feel more secret or you just want to do the hard work yourself, even a novice home contractor can complete the installation within a few hours. With the pivot hinge you can choose whether you prefer a door swinging in or out of the room. Once the door is installed you can stain and finish it – and add whatever else you want to customize the look.

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