CSH Steps Up with a Library Ladder for the Room to Dream Foundation

Last fall CS Hardware answered the call for a rolling library ladder needed to help outfit rooms for a family and their daughter who is living with a chronic illness. The Room to Dream Foundation was getting started on a new project for a child in need, and they contacted CS Hardware to get involved. Sydni, a young girl tackling a chronic illness, and her family, received a great home makeover with three re-vamped bedrooms. The bedroom CS Hardware worked on is a room with bunk beds for two children, which needing a rolling library ladder for easy access. Kids love having bunk beds and sharing a room with their siblings when they’re growing up. (Then of course, we all reach that age where “space” becomes paramount.)


CS Hardware contributed their unique Quiet Glide rolling library ladder to the bunk bed set up in Sydni’s home. The Quiet Glide technology means that no matter how much the children use the ladder or slide it back and forth it slide along smoothly. To complement the teal and white of the bedroom, CS Hardware sent a wood ladder painted with a smooth white finish along with satin nickel hardware pieces. The library ladder was installed flawlessly thanks to the easy instructions and sturdy equipment.

One of the best qualities about this rolling library ladder set it up is how easy it is to store flat against a wall. This keeps the ladder out of the way and keeps all the children safe when the ladder isn’t meant to be used. CS Hardware even made sure to specially engrave the bottom ladder step for Room to Dream. Just this month CS Hardware received a very nice thank you card written by Sydni. The team hopes to continue offering their help and hardware to organizations like this and other projects from Room to Dream!

View the full set of photos from Sydni’s room here.

The Room to Dream Foundation works to create healing environments for children and adolescents who face a chronic illness – whether it’s in a hospital, community center, or their own home. The team at CSH felt touched by the mission of Room to Dream, especially their goal to help improve the child’s quality of life, helping promote strength, self-worth and more during the recovery process.