Video: Fine Homebuilding on the InvisiDoor Benefits

The Fine Homebuilding team was at the International Builders’ Show last month (if you haven’t read our recap yet, check it out!) and they visited the CSH booth.

All screen caps below taken from this video.

Senior editor Justin Fink met up with longtime contributor Gary Striegler to talk about our InvisiDoor hidden bookcase door. Striegler works on custom homes and works for high end clients, so he demands the best of his hardware. But it needs to be simple too! Striegler said he’s now installed three of these doors for clients and he was excited to describe the benefits — as well as how easy it is to install — to Fink.

Before the InvisiDoor came around, most contractors would have to get creative to turn a normal doorway into a functioning pivot bookcase door. He points out how the InvisiDoor comes with two pivot hinges to be installed for either an outswing or inswing use. It’s the same hardware, and you just install it the way you want!

Pivot Hinges

Additionally, the hardware includes a bottom catch (shown below) that ramps up and settles into a recess. Striegler explains that this keeps the door from sagging and holds it against the door stop.

Striegler also confirms that our hidden bookcase door can hold a great deal of weight, which is important for a door that functions as a bookcase. The InvisiDoor is definitely not just a vanity piece, we want you to get great design function and style all in one.

Inswing InvisiDoor

Describing a recent hidden bookcase door install he completed, Striegler explain that the InvisiDoor worked perfectly to complete the look of a newly paneled wall in a home. Even if you’re not interested in creating a secret room, the bookcase style of the door can create a fun look to the room or seamless style that fits the home.

You can purchase the hinges to install your own bookcase door or purchase a whole kit from CS Hardware! Click here to browse our selection.