Rolling Barn Door on Display at IBS 2014

Rolling barn doors have increased in popularity over the years, with an increased focus coming from design blogs around the world. These rolling doors can provide a new look and style, and often can be used to hide an otherwise unsightly section of the home.

Homeowners with a “laundry wall” (versus a laundry room) love the rolling barn door because it seamlessly hides the machines when not in use. The same goes for large pantry closets, children’s closets, or an extra storage area. Using a rolling barn door for these kinds of closets and rooms doesn’t take up much space and lets you put a more creative spin on your home.

The selection of barn door styles for installation have grown, which means it’s easy to find the right fit for your home’s style. Looking for more of an Etsy-inspired barn look? Get a classic wood door and choose horse shoe or wolf design roller straps. Instant rustic country vibe! Instead, if you’re hoping to streamline a modern look, you could pick out a stainless steel door kit, and get a modern glass or painted wood door.

At the International Builders’ Show in February, we had our rolling barn door kit, including our ready to assemble door, on display. We produced a video to show the rolling door in action, including all the choices for installation. Customers can use our hardware with a door they purchase or salvage, or they can buy our ready to assemble door for a simple set up. Our unfinished pine door comes unassembled and lets you still customize the door with any finish or paint of your choosing.

Unlike a pocket door, which is installed internally and requires a great deal of labor, a rolling barn door is installed on the outside frame of a door. This makes for a simpler installation process, and it gives homeowners more options when they’re remodeling their home. Adding a barn door to any existing door or closet area is easy and doesn’t require tearing down any walls.

The rollers included in the hardware kit are made of nylon, which ensures smooth and quiet gliding. Even in a high traffic area of the home, using this barn door shouldn’t ever be a nuisance. Along with a variety of styles of roller straps shown in the video, customers can see that there are different finishes. From classic satin nickel to vibrant barn red, you can create any number of barn door styles in your home.