Use of Mirrors 101

Everybody knows you can make small rooms big with mirrors, but you can also make big rooms more intimate and interesting.

Every house has at least one mirror, in the bathroom over the sink. The next time you are brushing your teeth, look in the mirror, and then behind you: The bathroom looks big, doesn’t it. The same “optical illusion” – or designer’s trick – works in any room.

But mirrors are not just for making a space look bigger. They can make a room look better; they can be, in fact, a work of art themselves. Few images are as attractive, or artistic, as mirrors on opposite walls to create that “endless room” view – be warned, though, you can get lost in a room with big mirrors on opposite walls. Think the mirror hall in the fun gallery and how it made you just a little sick to your stomach. And even big rooms can benefit from a mirror. Long views are made closer by having movement within a large room and mirrors can give the illusion of movement with only one person is in the room. The mirror will also reflect interesting artwork and multiply their color and shapes.

Even in the bathroom, think of mirrors in a little different way: Instead of traditional rectangular, or classic curved, hung straight at eye level, what about a long narrow mirror hung with imagination. Hang it at an angle over the wall with the sink underneath the high end, at eye level. It provides the same usefulness, but will definitely gain some attention.

Bottom line is think outside the box when you think of mirrors. Custom Service Hardware is all about thinking outside the box; we  invite you to take a look sometime.

Thanks, as always.

Ken, for CSHardware