Organizing Cabinets & Shelves: In The Kitchen

With the holiday cooking season upon us, it’s time to make the most of the space we have available. This week we focus on kitchen cabinets and shelving, next week closet storage space.

Being organized has its advantages, all throughout your home.

“Finally, all done with cooking – now where is that glass container? What about the cinnamon — there it is, oh wait, it’s cumin!” Sound familiar? Then it’s time to get your kitchen cabinets organized.

Remodeling or upgrading kitchen cabinets with ready-to-assemble options is an affordable step towards perfecting your home’s kitchen, but having a functional workspace to craft your culinary concoctions is indispensable. This week we want to feature some great ways to streamline your kitchen cabinets and shelving – the more focus is on the joy of cooking, and the less on where the utensils are, the better. Especially if you’ve got a house full of family – or will be cooking for one!

Kitchen Cabinet Door Storage Trays / Bins

With a little bit of effort, cabinet space can be maximized – using both the interior as well as the door. These white storage trays are an example of either direct mounting or using convenient accessory brackets. These bins also work well in a tall, narrow pantry cabinet.


Sink Door Storage Bins

Happy kitchens are organized – and clean. So why not be organized with your cleaning materials? Sink door storage bins can help free up your under-sink cabinet space, while keeping your cleaning or other supplies at the ready. 

Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer

Whether a tall or small cabinet space, you can install a classic organizing hack with relative ease. Setting up a Lazy Susan cabinet in your kitchen can bring ease and efficiency while bypassing knocking down or reaching over your stored items.

Half-Moon Glide-Out Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer

Need a little more access in a confined space? A glide-out cabinet organizer can help you make the most of your nooks and tight spaces.

Base Cabinet Filler Pull-Out Storage


Create a customized pull-out storage opportunity for any kitchen. Whether you have a space a few inches wide that would be a perfect spice rack, or a larger space for storage containers or canned goods – these pull out opportunities will save you the trouble of rummaging through your cabinets. Why dig around when you can pull-out and see clearly what you’ve got in stock?



How’s that for some ways to enhance your kitchen cabinetry? With a little work, updated storage space could be the difference between stress & mess and a streamlined cooking session.

For more cabinet storage ideas, browse our website’s wide selection of parts, units, and customizable options. Be sure to stay tuned for Part Two of our Organizing Cabinets series, on closet shelving storage.