Murphy Beds: Stylish Space Savers

Even if you aren’t in cramped big city apartment, being able to save space in terms of bedding is a highly valued asset. Whether you have a bedroom you want to double as an office, or if you simply want to keep your bed up and out of the way, the ever-popular Murphy Bed.


Murphy beds pull down from the wall when in use, easily fold back up in a vertical or horizontal fashion depending on your space needs and using the right hardware.


Fold-up Murphy Beds give you convenience and comfort of a guest room without sacrificing space; more room for you, your friends and family, and what you want to give more space to in your life – and home.

Custom Service Hardware offers queen size beds, full sized beds and twin beds – or hardware kit only options, as mechanisms and components for the system or bed frame foundation – everything you need for upgrading your bedroom into a multi-purpose, space-saving area.

What would you do with the extra space?


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