Ways to Use an Interior Rolling Barn Door Hardware Kit

There are so many creative ways to use interior rolling barn door hardware kits in your home. No matter your style we have something for you. With our kits all you have to pick is the rail size and which design works for you. Then go out and get the size and type of door you want. It’s simple and easy. Here are some more great ideas on how to use rolling doors in your home…

Open Concept Room Divider

Open concept homes can be great but sometimes you might be looking for a little bit of privacy for a conversation or perhaps you want to keep people out of the kitchen while you’re cooking. No matter the reasons sometimes it would be nice to close our open concept for a little while. A great way to do this is with a rolling barn door hardware kit!

rolling door 1


Bring a touch of extra character to your bedrooms by going with a non-traditional door. Your kids will be sure to appreciate this unique idea and you’ll love the fact that a sliding door can’t slam. Everyone wins!


Many closets have another sliding door of some kind anyway just give them a quick update. It will add a different touch to any room and might even be more convenient.


Bathrooms & Laundry Rooms

Rolling barn doors even work for bathrooms. Just don’t forget a latch or lock! They are also great for those small laundry spaces or just to put your washer and dryer out of sight.

rolling door 2

Storage Space

These sliding doors are great for storage space. You pick the size of the door so even if it’s a crawl space you can make it work! We also love to see them used on pantries. You could even paint a flat door with chalkboard paint and have a message board in your kitchen!


Hide Your TV

Here’s an idea we really love. Sick of feeling like the TV is the center of your lives? When you need a break just cover it up! Slide a shorter rolling door right over it and the TV is no longer the focus of your room. That’s not to mention the awesome look! This idea really looks great for those TVs above the fireplace.


Try these ideas or get creative and find something new with our interior rolling barn door hardware kits. Get some ideas from our gallery and take a look at some of our kit models and find what fits your taste and your home best! There is something for everyone! Here are some of our favorites.

qg1300hs02 hammered_qg110007


Update (8/24/2016)

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