Optimizing Your Space with Murphy Beds

It can be frustrating to not have enough room for guests to sleep comfortably in your home. If you need two different things but have only one room to work with we have an answer! Wall beds are the perfect solution for lack of space. Our Murphy Wall Beds make it easy to save space by allowing you to hide a bed when it’s not needed.

These beds are great for dual spaces no matter what the room is used for and here are some ideas of where to put a Murphy Bed:

  •  Office

Need an office space but also need a spare room? No problem! You don’t have to choose.

  •  Sewing Room

The craft room is important to you but you need another bed for family visits during the holidays? Here’s a compromise!

  •  Work Out Room

We don’t blame you for not wanting to give up the home weight room. So don’t! Just move the weights or yoga mats to the side when the bed is out.

  •  Child’s Bedroom

Sleep overs are a part of childhood and you can make it easy and comfortable for everyone by putting a Murphy Bed in your child’s room for occasions such as this.

  •  Living Room

This one might sound crazy, but instead of sleeping on the couch or having to go through the trouble of lugging a bed out of furniture just try a Murphy Bed!


Now when it comes to which type of bed you want we’re talking about what way the bed folds down: horizontal/side tilt (left) or vertical (right). Just choose whatever works best for the space.


We also love that these beds can be customized any way you want! How to hide it and what type of cabinets or shelving to use around it is up to you. So go ahead and get creative!