RTA vs. Custom Cabinets

Who wouldn’t want completely custom kitchen cabinets? However, custom cabinets can come with a staggering price tag depending on what extras you tack on. Many homeowners opt for ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets instead, since they look great and offer long-lasting durability at a fraction of the cost. CS Hardware supplies an array of RTA cabinet lines that will give you the options you want without the expense of custom creations. Check out our ready-to-assemble cabinets, then see how they compare with custom costs below.

For dark stained cabinets in a U-shaped kitchen…

  • Custom: over $12,000 for more basic choices (all the bells and whistles could be upwards of $19,000)
  • RTA: around $2000 for similar basic choices

Now that’s a huge difference! Now let’s look at white cabinets in the same U-shaped kitchen…

  • Custom: over $9,000 for more basic choices (more high end choices could be more than $13,000)
  • RTA: under $4,000 for similar basic choices

Still tons of savings! But, before you make your choice for RTA cabinets for your kitchen upgrade, here are some considerations when you’re selecting your cabinet style. When choosing a cabinet color/finish the first thing you need to look at is your counter tops:

  • Are you keeping your current counter tops or replacing them?
  • What color are your counter tops and will it work with the cabinets you have chosen?

Here are some examples of kitchens with our RTA cabinets that we love. Check out our full gallery for inspiration. CS Hardware offers a supply of RTA kitchen cabinets in timeless shaker styles and in easy-to-coordinate neutrals or trending gray kitchen cabinets.

We also have some great tips for you on how you can make your kitchen top notch. Take your RTA cabinets from basic to amazing with only a few touches. We have so many options that can make a big difference and will still keep your costs low.

  • Wine racks or stemware racks bring an elegant feel to any kitchen. And let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a glass of wine after working hard on making their kitchen look beautiful?
  • Refrigerator panels or a microwave shelf/cabinet can give your kitchen more of a built in feel and tie everything together.Wine Rack 30 W X 15 H X 12 D - Grand Haven by Sunnywood   
  • Moulding can give a high end look and finishing touch.
  • Pantry cabinets will look great and give you more storage.
  • Dish cabinets also add an organized appeal.

  • Pullouts and custom shelving and drawers such as spice racks and lazy Susans can help you stay organized and allow you to tailor your kitchen to you.


No matter how you look at it, the more economical choice is our RTA cabinets. We have so many options for you that give you the custom look you crave without breaking the bank!