10 Easy Ways to Update your Kitchen

Who doesn’t want a brand new kitchen? Although not all of us can afford a new kitchen every time things start to look familiar and commonplace, there are ways that we can make the old kitchen look new again. Try these ten tips to see how new your kitchen can actually look!

1. Add lights under your cabinets. under the cabinet lights
Adding lights under your cabinets is an inexpensive way to brighten up your kitchen. Light spills over your counters and brings attention to your gleaming countertops. Plus, these lights make cooking easier as you are able to quickly and easily find the cooking utensils that you need.

2. Add new hardware to your kitchen cabinets
One way to add a new look to your kitchen is new cabinet hardware. Adding something as simple as a new style of handles and drawer pulls will make your kitchen feel more modern in a matter of minutes.

3. Add moulding to your kitchen kitchen with moulding
You can add moulding to the top of your kitchen walls, to the top of your cabinets, or both to give your kitchen the look of elegance.

4. Add new cabinet doors
You may be looking at your old cabinets wishing for new updated ones. Instead of updating all your cabinets, simply replace the doors. With new doors, no one will know that your cabinets aren’t brand new.

5. Remove your cabinet doors remove cabinet doors
This is especially helpful if you have a small kitchen. Open shelving makes kitchens look more spacious. But if it’s just a new look you want, try removing some of your cabinet doors and see what you think.

6. Use your accessories to decorate
A knife set, bread basket, tea kettle, colorful toaster, etc. displayed on your counter are all inexpensive and practical ways to add color or style to your kitchen.kitchen shelves

7. Add shelving
Adding shelving to hold pictures, antiques, or other decorative items will give your kitchen a homey feeling and brighten things up.

8. Paint your kitchen
Nothing like a fresh paint job to make a kitchen feel new. Whether you paint the cabinets, the walls, or both, painting your kitchen will definitely give you a feeling of satisfaction.

9. Add an island Island from table
If you don’t already have an island in your kitchen, repurpose an old table to create more work space, storage space, and style to your kitchen.

10. Add new curtains or rugs
One classic way to make your kitchen fresh is changing the rugs and curtains. A new color will give your kitchen new life

Those are my ten tips to update your kitchen. Now leave a comment below and tell me what your ideas are!