They liked it—You will too!!

Fix It & Finish It is a TV show in which a team of remodelers will go into a house and remodel one room for the home owners. On Tuesday’s episode (which will also be aired on March 4 and June 29), Fix It & Finish It remodeled a couple’s master bedroom using a rolling ladder hardware kit that they received from Custom Service Hardware. The tiny bedroom was in desperate need of space as clothes were hung on a pole between two little wardrobes. Antonio Sabato, Jr. and his team came in and gave the room a makeover. A large wardrobe was built, giving the orphaned clothing a place to stay, and another shelf was added as well. Also, it’s a common fact that when you can’t build out, you build up, which is where our rolling ladder hardware kit came in. Fix It & Finish It put our ladder kit onto a ladder that they already had and attached it to the shelf. Now the couple could add more storage on top of their shelf, and it was easy to get to. If you missed Tuesday’s episode, be sure to watch it again on March 4 or June 29!

Fix It & Finish It Before
Fix It & Finish It use of Rolling Ladder

Rolling ladder hardware



When Fix It & Finish It needed hardware for their remodeling, they turned to Custom Service Hardware, and there is a reason for that–our quality can’t be beat. Furthermore, we offer more options than most other companies. Many companies require you to buy the ladder and the hardware. CSH. on the on the other hand, allows you to choose. If you want an easy assembly, you can buy the ladder with the hardware. If you want to save the money and make your own ladder or if you already have a ladder that you want to use, all you have to do is buy the hardware. Our friendly costumer service is only a phone call away to assist you with your purchase, and our products are in stock and ready to ship to you immediately. Our rolling ladders are easy to install and add so much to a house. Fix it & Finish It liked our ladder kit and we know you will too. Check out our rolling ladders here!