Wide Quiet Glide Rolling Library Ladders & RTA InvisiDoor

Rolling library ladders can add a classy and elegant touch to any home or business. Custom Service Hardware’s sister-company, Putnam Rolling Ladders, is the leading manufacturer of rolling library ladders and hardware kits in the United States. Considering the increasing popularity of rolling ladders as a functional home accent, we offer a wide, 20-inch version of our Quiet Glide rolling ladders. These extra wide rolling ladders offer better stability and, of course, more space on the ladder for easier movement.
Putnam Rolling Ladders’ Quiet Glide line of sliding ladders are made in the USA by fine craftsmen, and can be customized in a many ways, including:

  • Hardware Finish: Black, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Chrome, or Hammered Antique Brass
  • Wheel Style: Standard, Brake, Contemporary. and Contemporary Brake
  • Roller Type: Straight Rail or Curved Rail
  • Rail Sections: Multiple options and lengths in straight and curved rails
  • Rail Brackets: 4 brackets per 8-foot rail & 2 brackets per curved rail (recommended)
  • Rail End Stops: Regular or Ball Stop Kits
  • Ladder Wood Type: Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, or Walnut
  • Ladder Height: 8 ft., 9 ft., or 10 ft.
  • Ladder Width: 16-inch or 20-inch
  • Optional Accessories: Hand Rails, Step Treads, Top-Turned Rungs, Rung Supports

Visit our Putnamrollingladder.com and easily order your custom rolling ladder online!
Another product we are very excited to introduce is the Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) InvisiDoor, our flagship bookshelf door for secret storage. Our RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen cabinets have been a huge success over the years, so when we considered offering our InvisiDoor in RTA form, it was a no-brainer! Our RTA bookshelf doors are available in three different types of wood: Red Oak, Maple, and Cherry.
Benefits of the Ready-to-Assemble InvisiDoor include:

  • Made in USA
  • Made to Order (Lead time: 21 business days)
  • All-Wood Construction
  • Three Wood Types: Red Oak, Maple, Cherry
  • Quick & Easy Assembly with Wood Glue & Brad Nails
  • Lower Shipping Costs

Our hidden bookshelf doors are quick and easy to assemble using wood glue and brad nails, and comes ready to finish with your choice of wood stain. They can be hinged to open inwards or outwards and swing left or right, allowing you maximum flexibility to ensure the all-wood bookshelf door fits perfectly in your home. One of the biggest benefits for our customers ordering the RTA InvisiDoor Bookcase is the huge savings on shipping costs, since the door does not come pre-assembled and can be shipped in smaller packaging. Each invisible door is custom made to perfection, so please allow a 21-day lead time.

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