9 Great Rolling Barn Door Ideas for Your Home

If you’ve seen a well-designed home featuring a rolling barn door (or beautiful examples of rolling barn doors around the web), you’ve probably thought about installing one in your own home. Do you love the idea but aren’t quite sure where you’d put one? Take a look at these perfect ways to use a rolling barn door in your home!

#1 Kitchen compartments

Most kitchens are in serious need of better organization or compartmentalization. Use a rolling barn door to conceal a pantry, coffee station, wine rack, or other storage area!

flat rail hook strap
Preassembled door w/mocha stain and hook strap

#2 Entryway coat hooks and storage

This idea can really show off the efficient design of rolling barn doors. Try using one to cover up a closet or recessed entryway area for hanging coats or storing other things. With a rolling door, you won’t be blocking the entryway whenever you need to open the door!

#3 Bathroom doors

Use a rolling barn door for your bathroom! This is a great way to free up space in a hallway. Or, if you have a bathroom connected to your master bedroom, switching to a rolling door is a perfect way to freshen up your room’s look. Just be sure to use a sliding door latch to lock it!

Sliding door latch

#4 large interior rooms

Do you have lots of open space in your house? If you want a bit of privacy or a cozier feel in some areas, try separating large, open rooms with barn doors! That’ll give you the option to keep it open or close it off at any time, without having to deal with the swing pathway of traditional doors. A pair of barn doors can be a great alternative to a room divider or curtain!interior rolling barn door

#5 Sliding closet doors

A simple yet beautiful idea. If you have enough space to the side of a closet door, use a barn door to cover it up and make the whole room more visually interesting!interior rolling barn door

#6 TV or media walls, fireplaces, or internal shelving

If you’re creative enough, there are all kinds of recessed areas that can be covered up with sliding barn doors. If you have a TV or media wall, fireplace, or internal shelving of some kind, an interior barn door may be the answer to creating a cleaner aesthetic in your room!rolling_door_tv_app_Magento

#7 Mirrors or windows

Covering tall windows or full-length mirrors are two often-overlooked rolling barn door ideas. This can create an amazing rustic or modern feel in your room, depending on the door and hardware you use!

#8 Multi-function rooms

Do you have a room in your house that doubles as a home office, sleeping area, or something else? See if you can section part of it off with a rolling door or two!

Preassembled door w/fawn stain and hand-forged handle

#9 Laundry rooms and nooks

Are your washer and dryer in their own room or nook? Try using a rolling barn door to keep them hidden from the rest of your living space when they’re not in use!

Preassembled door w/gray paint and hand-forged iron handle

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