The DIY Platform Bed Lift Kit: The Bedroom Storage Solution

If you’re much like the rest of us, you have a lot more stuff than you have room to store it. It can be time-consuming and tough to go through your things and figure out what you can throw out, and there are always those items that you can’t or don’t want to get rid of, but you need to find a better place to store. Of course, you could always stuff all those things under your bed, but there’s a better option: a platform bed with plenty of storage built in!

End-opening DIY storage bed
End-opening DIY storage bed

With this DIY platform bed, you can store stuff under your bed while still maintaining a neat and clean look (also, you’ll avoid crawling into the dusty underside of a traditional bed to retrieve things). Unlike a traditional bed, a platform bed keeps out dust and dirt, and this DIY storage bed lift kit will give you a ton of room to store whatever you need! There’s no need to buy a heavy, pricey, and possibly squeaky box frame, and the two gas piston lift mechanisms make accessing your stored items easy!

Side-opening DIY storage bed
Side-opening DIY storage bed

Want One of These? Here Are a Few Things to Consider

  • Some assembly required. This is a DIY Kit after all, so be ready to put in a bit of work to get this thing done. But not only will you be saving money by doing it yourself, you’ll also get the satisfaction of having created an attractive and extremely practical piece of furniture for your home!

  • Mattress weight. This kit uses an extremely sturdy integral steel frame, but be sure to keep it’s limits in mind. The mattress should weigh no more than 121.5 lbs (no problem most of the time, but there are a few types of mattresses that are very heavy).

  • Max static bearing weight. The mattress, bedding, and occupants should be limited to 400 lbs to stay within the maximum static bearing weight for this bed. If you need a greater weight capacity, however, you can always add vertical supports under the center frame member as well as the head and foot of the pedestal!

Does this sound like the perfect fix for your bedroom clutter? Pick up a DIY storage bed lift kit in single, double, or queen bed sizes from!

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