4 Must-Have Items in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is used for a variety of purposes, including cooking meals, eating, entertaining and storage. Due to the multitude of uses and limited amount of space, you need to prioritize which items can fit and be stored in your kitchen. To save space, give your kitchen a nice appearance and increase functionality, there are a few items every kitchen should have.

cabinet pull outs

Cabinet pull-outs. Cabinet pull-outs can be used for a variety of purposes and can fit any size or shape of cabinet. For larger, under-the-sink cabinets, try installing a waste basket pull out. This saves space in a small kitchen and also helps conceal the smell of the garbage. You can also install pull-outs for your kitchen cleaning products under the sink (just make sure that these have a lock on them if you have small children or pets). Dish towels can be hung to dry in one of these slide and pull-outs as well. For taller cabinets or pantry spaces, installing a pull-out is a great way to organize your items. Smaller cabinets are great for spice racks, while larger ones can keep all your canned goods, condiments, and other food items organized and at an easy reach.

drawer organizer

Utensil drawer organizer. If you cook often, chances are you have more than just the standard forks, knives and spoons laying around. Drawer organizers and inserts are an easy and affordable way to keep track of all your cooking utensils. Separate them by material, frequency of usage, size or however you please. Choose one that is durable and easy to remove, which makes cleaning simple and quick.

Serving platters. When guests show up unexpectedly, chaos can ensue. Having a few lovely serving platters on hand makes preparing and serving appetizers quick and easy. Regular items look extra fancy when served on a lovely platter, so these are great investments for the future. Get the most use out of them by using the platters to serve food to your family as well. Who says you need a special occasion to use your serving platters?

stainless steel hood

An effective range hood and vent. Range hoods and vents are essential to a clean, healthy and attractive kitchen. Range hoods and vents exhaust the steam and heat away from the cooking area, which cools off your kitchen and cooking space. They also prevent your kitchen”s walls from forming mold and mildew from the water vapor caused through cooking. Any grease or grime that builds up on surfaces will also be lessened with a range hood and vent. Lastly, the hood and vent has a fan which can help get rid of bad kitchen smells from burning something or cooking something pungent. Range hoods come in a variety of materials and colors, so you are sure to find one that matches with your kitchen”s backsplash or decor. Popular options include copper, stainless steel and wood.

*some images are from Houzz