6 Ideas for a Beautiful and Unique DIY Coffee Station

coffee station cover image

Does coffee hold a special place in your heart? Give it a special place in your home too! Whether you can’t start your day without some caffeine or you just enjoy being a home barista instead of (or in addition to) constantly stopping by Starbucks, you care about your coffee.

Your dedicated coffee station can come in any size and style you can imagine and is the perfect way to give your kitchen or dining area a personal touch. It will be sure to not only stand out to your guests but also bring you joy every time you use it! Here are some great tips and ideas for creating your own beautiful coffee station.coffee maker

#1 Stain with Dark Java Color

If your coffee station features any wooden construction, a rich dark brown stain such as General Finishes Java gel stain or Espresso water-based stain is the perfect color to accentuate it!

Java coffee station
via Gray House Studio

#2 Create a Coffee Mug Holder

A great way to keep your coffee station simple and organized is to create a coffee mug holder to hang on your wall! The combination of visual appeal and practicality makes this the perfect addition to your DIY coffee station.

mug hanger holder wall
via The House of Wood

#3 Use Your Coffee Station to Supplement Kitchen Storage

Try adding your coffee station on top of a rack you can use for all kinds of general kitchen storage. Not only will this boost your countertop space by relocating your coffeemaker (or two, or three) and your coffee bean storage containers, but you’ll also be creating a new storage area for whatever else needs the extra space in your kitchen. If you like the traditional hue and matte look of the paint pictured below, consider trying a General Finishes milk paint.

kitchen storage coffee station
via Dear Lillie

#4 Use Cabinets to Create Tons of Storage

To get maximum storage out of your space, try using a few cabinets to construct your coffee station area. This will provide you with more than enough room to store your coffee supplies, tea, hot cocoa, mugs, and anything else you need to keep there! For some cabinet style ideas, check out the huge variety of RTA cabinets here.

coffee cabinet station
via At Home With Nikki


Plus, if your coffee station has drawers like this example does, you can get even more organized with extras like this drawer insert k-cup organizer from Rev-a-Shelf.

drawer insert organizer for k cups

#5 Create a Portable Coffee Bar Cart

Working with a small space? Maybe you live on the second floor of a small apartment and you just can’t find the room for a big stationary coffee setup? Don’t give up your coffee station dream! This portable coffee bar cart could be the perfect solution for you.

coffee cart station
via Angela Marie Made


#6 Create a Full Coffee Bar

Maybe you’re in the opposite situation and you have lots of space to work with. Consider creating a coffee bar that will serve as both a place to prepare and to enjoy your morning (or afternoon) coffee. This could easily become one of your favorite spots in your home!

coffee bar
via Casa Hous

Making a DIY coffee station allows for a nearly unlimited variety in personal taste and creativity. You can mix and match any of these ideas you want, and even throw in some of your own to create a unique coffee setup that’s all your own style!