6 Small-Budget Renovations That Will Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand New

Kitchen renovation

If your kitchen looks dated but you don’t have the kind of cash to sink into brand new kitchen cabinets and a full renovation project, you have economical options to refresh this central room in your home. Here are six budget-friendly upgrades that renew your kitchen’s appearance without breaking the bank.

1. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

A fresh paint job on your kitchen cabinets, especially in a trending color, instantly transforms a tired space into a lively one. Instead of investing in ready-to-assemble cabinets in green or blue–two of the hottest colors in current kitchen design–you can make over your kitchen cabinets economically with high-quality paint in the same colors. When the color trend cycles out, you can either update the paint job or buy a set of classic white RTA kitchen cabinets from CS Hardware to begin a full remodel.

Fresh paint on the walls is another simple way to radically improve the appearance of your kitchen. A bright and beautiful color to match the cabinets or a subtle neutral shade makes a dramatic difference.

Wood cabinets updated to trending blue kitchen cabinets with General Finishes Blue Moon Milk Paint tinted in Enduro Poly via @Flippingunbelievable

2. Decorative Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Add modern appeal to older kitchen cabinets by changing out the hardware with new knobs, pulls, and latches. These small decorative pieces make a big statement at a reasonable price point. They are typically easy to remove and install, especially if you already have RTA cabinets in your kitchen, since many are designed for universal hardware.

kitchen hardware

3. New Kitchen Faucet

A new kitchen faucet instantly breathes life into your sink area and brightens your cabinets as well, especially if it coordinates with new cabinet pulls or knobs. Replacing an outdated faucet has the added benefit of letting you choose something more efficient, such as low flow or adjustable faucets.

4. Reorganize with Different Kitchen Storage

Creating more efficient ways to organize your kitchen keeps clutter off the cabinet counters. With a few simple investments, you can clear your space or add decorative storage, which makes a kitchen look larger and gives it a calming aesthetic appeal. Creative storage options like hanging hooks, racks, rails, open shelves, on-door storage, and cabinet and drawer organizers offer wallet-friendly ways to update your kitchen by reorganizing the use of space.

DIY storage options kitchen
Via DIY Network

5. Lighting Fixtures and Bulbs

No matter what modern hardware details and tasteful colors you add to your kitchen cabinets and walls, the space will never look inviting and appealing if the lighting is out of style. Replace outdated pendant lighting or overhead fixtures with more modern recessed options or with unique statement fixtures. Consider LED lighting on the warm and cool spectrums to best illuminate your kitchen.

LED lighting beneath your cabinets and shelves also creates an elegant pop of drama at a relatively modest cost.

under shelf led lighting
LED puck lights from cshardware.com

6. Add or Replace Backsplash

Adding or replacing a backsplash is a great way to personalize the look of your kitchen. A new tile backsplash looks fantastic with freshly painted kitchen cabinets and will often spruce up the feel of the whole kitchen even if you decide not to paint the old cabinetry.

These six cost-effective projects are a great way to reinvent your kitchen without the effort and expense of a huge renovation. Creativity with small yet effective improvements is a smart way to keep your kitchen looking fresh and modern.