Create a Uniquely Practical Kitchen Island, Coffee Table, or Work Bench with a Two-Way Drawer Slide

Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to access a drawer from both sides of a kitchen cabinet or piece of furniture in your living room or workshop? You can do just that with a set of two way drawer slides! Here’s how they work:

Slide Choice

For a project like this, we recommend using Accuride’s two-way drawer slides for a few reasons:

  • They’re purpose-built to allow two-way travel, providing easy access from either side of the case or cabinet
  • Full extension in both directions from center point allows complete access to contents
  • Hold-in detent at center point keeps drawers or trays in position until use
  • They can handle a load of up to 100 lb and are tested to 80,000 cycles

How To Install

NOTE: The centerline for the cabinet member holes should be a minimum of .95″ [24 mm] from the bottom of the cabinet opening (figure 1).

Pre-drill the holes for the cabinet member (figure 3). Install the slide outer members to the cabinet using #8 pan head screws (figure 4). Make sure slides are parallel.

Pre-drill holes for drawer member (figure 5). Install drawer member using #8 screws (not included). Do not tighten screws at this time. Cycle drawer at least twice in both directions to allow drawer to self adjust. Tighten all screws (See figure 5 and 5a). There should be no sign of stiffness or binding.

Final notes:

  • If drawer fronts are required, they must be notched to clear the stationary member of the slide. See figure 2.
  • For maximum load capacity, use all mounting holes (figure 5b)