Here’s Why Ceiling Mount Hardware Could Be the Rolling Ladder/Door Solution You’ve Been Looking For

The traditional way to mount a rolling ladder or rolling door is by mounting brackets right to the wall. But while this may be the most straightforward way of doing things for most applications, there are actually a surprising number of situations where you might want to consider ceiling-mount hardware instead. Here are just a few of the top ones:

You Have Unique Walls, Doorways, or Other Openings

If you’re working with header-less or non-typical doorways, floor to ceiling hallways, tall crown molding framed doorways or other irregular situations, ceiling-mounted hardware may be the best solution. You can even add a header behind the door if you want to fill up the empty space, but this is a totally optional aesthetic preference.

You Want to Avoid Drilling into the Wall

There could be a number of reasons why you might want to avoid drilling into a wall. Maybe you have an expensive or decorative wall treatment, dramatically textured walls, or brick or concrete walls. In any of these cases, ceiling-mount hardware allows you to install a rolling door or ladder while keeping your wall totally intact!

You Want to Install a Ladder Above Shelving or Bookcases

in some cases, mounting a rail for a rolling ladder above shelving or a bookcase can be difficult or impossible using wall-mounting hardware. This is a perfect use case for using ceiling-mount hardware instead.

You Want to Install a Ladder in a Kitchen

This is similar to the above situation, but for kitchens. If you can’t install a rolling ladder rail directly to your cabinets using typical mounting hardware, try using ceiling-mount instead.

You Prefer the Look of Ceiling-Mount Hardware

Maybe either style of hardware would work for your application, but you just prefer the stand-out aesthetics of ceiling-mounted hardware. That’s a perfectly good reason to make the choice too!

If you’re looking for ceiling-mount hardware for rolling doors check out our selection at If you’re looking for rolling ladder ceiling-mount hardware instead, check out the CSH Ladder Easy Order Form (rail mounting brackets are on step 9). We’re sure to have the perfect options for your unique application.