Turn Your Backyard Space Into an Oasis.

Enjoy Durability and Sustainability Without Sacrificing Beauty and Luxury.

Open Air Cabinetry by DeSavino & Sons have a luxurious look, are durable, and are guaranteed to satisfy your unique design tastes. Open Air Cabinets revolutionizes the outdoor cabinetry industry with an extensive line of weatherproof cabinets that can resist elements that would normally destroy traditional cabinets of the past. Continue reading to learn more about the broad array of amazing options that truly separate Open Air from the competition!

Environmentally Friendly.

Sustainability Matters. DeSavino & Sons considered every aspect of Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry while creating an ethical, sustainable, and attractive product. HDPE can be recycled more easily than any other polymer. The number “2” is used as a recycling sign which means it doesn’t emit any of the hazardous gases or dioxins found in many traditional building materials, and it’s 100% recyclable. HDPE panels reduce the need for limited timber resources. Other materials are kept out of the waste stream and incinerators as a result of this. Using molded-in color eliminates the need for further finishing operations, which frequently leak volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. HDPE is both durable and requires no maintenance. It never needs painting which improves the quality of both indoor and outdoor air. Furthermore, HDPE can be power washed or steam cleaned, removing the requirement for hazardous chemical cleansers and toxic waste. Yes, outdoor furniture and features should match their settings without harming them. That’s why Open Air Cabinetry is not only naturally beautiful but also helps keep nature beautiful. 

Built to Last a Lifetime.

Moisture Resistant. There’s no better choice for outdoor cabinets built for every environment or season than Open Air Cabinetry! These cabinets are specially crafted to not only look fantastic but also to last a lifetime. Whether searching for outdoor cabinets to stand up to the humidity in Florida or changing seasons in the Northeast, Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry is the smart choice so you can enjoy nature in all its glory! Designed with you and your needs in mind, entertain guests and family with the only outdoor cabinets that are sure to shine and stand up to anything.

Stainless Steel Concealed Hinges and Drawer Slides. Every door and drawer has stainless steel hardware that is perfect for any outdoor or wet environment. The hinges are fully adjustable and easy to clean, and the full extension stainless steel ball-bearing drawer slides are specifically designed for outdoor use. Corrosion-resistant, the drawer slides are smooth and easy to pull even when fully loaded! Open Air provides only the best, inside and out, in every cabinet. Competitors can’t compete with that.

With computer-aided design technology and precision CNC machinery, your cabinets are not only guaranteed to fit perfectly but you’re guaranteed to love all of the options available to make your dream oasis come to life! Start shopping for your Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry through Custom Service Hardware to build your backyard paradise!