How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in a home. A large challenge that many homeowners and renters face is making the most of that small space. Storing toiletries, towels and other bathroom items can be tricky when there isn’t much room to work with. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to maximize the storage space in your small bathroom.

bathroom cabinets

Wall cabinets. Cabinets that are mounted into the wall makes use out of the empty wall space while providing ample storage. Wall cabinets usually have different compartments and shelves, which makes them ideal for storing medicines and bathroom items of all different sizes. These cabinets also help to prevent cluttering the sink tops and floor as well. Many popular wall cabinets have a mirror on the front of the cabinet door, which saves extra wall space as well.

bathroom hooks

Hooks, racks and other storage solutions. There are a variety of utility shelves and storage racks that you can use in your bathroom. In the shower, wire racks attached to your showerhead or the shower wall are an easy way to store your shampoo, soap and other items.
Hooks and racks should be placed in various spaces in your bathroom for hanging towels, washcloths, bathrobes and more. Utilize your bathroom door as well by placing hooks and racks on the inside of the door. This handy toilet paper holder fits perfectly on the inside of your cabinet shelf.

bathroom open shelves

Tall and slim open shelves. Narrow shelves are ideal for storing items like towels and toiletries- especially if the shelving is open and has no cabinet doors (this way, guests can see the items they need and use them). Since these shelves are narrow, they can fit in between any fixtures in your bathroom and can make use of the higher-up space that normally is ignored. If your items seem to become too cluttered, find skinny baskets and store the smaller items in those. This type of shelving also adds to the room’s aesthetic and can make the room appear taller and therefore larger.

bathroom ladder

Rolling ladder. If you have the space to install a rolling library ladder in your bathroom, give it a shot. This way, you can store items that aren’t as frequently used up higher and then easily reach them when needed with the help of the ladder. A rolling ladder also adds charm and beauty to your space.

bathroom chair

Tables and chairs. Many bathrooms have a small table or nightstand in the corner or open space of the layout. This can double as storage space as well as a decorative element. A nice chair also serves as a place to put clothes or items while adding elegance to your bathroom’s decor.

laundry pull out

Laundry pull-outs. If your bathroom doubles as a laundry room or you have some space left in your under-the-sink cabinets, think about adding a pull-out hamper to store dirty clothes and towels. Since it’s inside the cabinet or drawer, it will be hidden from guests and take up less space than a standalone hamper.

bathroom organization

Organize your existing items. Go through what is currently in your bathroom and get rid of anything that is old. Medicines that are past their expiration date, old makeup and stained towels all should be thrown away to clear up more space. See if any of the items in your bathroom can be stored elsewhere in your home. If it’s something you don’t use on a daily basis or need in the bathroom, then move it to another location.

*some images are from Houzz