Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2023

Legend Denali White Kitchen Cabinets with a Rustic Birch island

Trends for kitchen cabinets in both 2021 and 2022 leaned toward all-white, stark white, or mushroom gray kitchens with shaker cabinets and more traditional, matte black hardware. Subway tile backsplashes have reigned supreme for several years, and 2023 consumer surveys indicate homeowners will be looking for something different in their kitchens this year. The rise in blue and green kitchen cabinets in 2022, as well as visually interesting two-toned kitchens, suggested that people are ready to start being a little more experimental in their kitchen design. In 2023, kitchen design trends include incorporating textures, metallic accents, and bolder, darker kitchen cabinet colors. Of course, white kitchen cabinets and shaker-style cabinets never go out of style, and they remain great choices for anyone who wants a traditional, classic kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

What are popular kitchen colors for 2023?

Warm, saturated colors are the most popular kitchen colors for 2023. As working from home becomes more and more of the norm, people are choosing to really personalize their kitchen space into a home sanctuary. Softer blues and greens with lots of pigment will stay fashionable as will reds in the desert spectrum, like terracotta or dusty pinks. Beloved kitchen neutrals—white, gray, greige, and cream—remain popular but in warmer shades, versus the Scandinavian or farmhouse cold tones of the past three years. In general terms, cozy, nature-inspired colors will prevail in 2023, giving kitchens a safe, comforting, and grounding ambience. 

What are the latest trends in kitchen cabinets?

While shaker cabinets continue to be the most popular for the kitchen, homeowners are increasingly buying slab front kitchen cabinets or sleek, European cabinets. Both styles have a flat, “frameless” door, unlike the signature frame around the face of shaker-style cabinets. Slab front and European cabinets are kitchen cabinet trends for 2023, as well as a return to wood cabinets stained in a more natural-looking finish.

Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

What color cabinets will be in style in 2023?

A shift to darker cabinet colors dominates kitchen style trends in 2023. Deep, forest greens, indigos, and rich mountain browns create the big trend for 2023, which is the “moody” or “grounded” kitchen. Cabinetry sets the tone with a dark, grounding base color for the kitchen, then lighter surfaces, warm wall paints, and metallic hardware pull together a soothing atmosphere. Similarly, natural wood or light-colored cabinets balanced with dark stone backsplashes or countertops creates the same effect. Kitchen cabinet color trends for 2023 center around the idea of balance and having the cabinet color play off the other textures, materials, and colors in the kitchen. It’s worth noting that textured cabinets—either by visible grain, fluting, or decorative cut-outs—are competing with color as the biggest kitchen cabinet trend of 2023. 

Are White Kitchens Out for 2023?

Even though the wave of the all-white kitchen crested last year, white kitchens aren’t out of style for 2023. If you have an all-white kitchen that feels a little dated, or you want to stay in step with the latest kitchen trends, painting your cabinets a darker, earthy color (or painting the walls a dark, earthy color) is an easy upgrade for 2023. Swapping out your cabinet pulls or knobs for new hardware gives your kitchen an instant refresh, especially if you choose popular metallic bar pulls or put bars on your base cabinets and knobs on the wall cabinets.   

Creating a 2023 Kitchen with RTA Cabinets from CS Hardware

To achieve these looks with a more affordable remodel than custom cabinets or options from a big box home improvement store, browse our selection of ready-to-assemble and assembled kitchen cabinets. Our Rushmore Rustic Stained series includes options in slab cabinets, which offer the frameless door front. This line includes dark woods for a moody, grounded kitchen or natural woods for an earthy, rooted feel to your kitchen cabinets. Achieve a sleeker look with more affordable RTA European cabinets in our Modern Gloss White series, or choose the Modern Dark Wood cabinets for an elegantly textured appeal. Choose our Galaxy Indigo dark blue kitchen cabinets for a timeless gray-blue that lasts past trends. Our Fusion Stone Series by Fabuwood delivers an organic feel to your kitchen with a woodsy gray tone that takes metallic hardware well and looks great with color pops of bright yellow or red. Contact us today to get started on your new 2023 kitchen with high-quality kitchen cabinets from CS Hardware.