Build a Home Bar with RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Home wet bar made with RTA cabinets

The rise in popularity of craft cocktails, home brewing, and custom coffee drinks has homeowners looking for affordable ways to add wet or dry bars to their empty wall space. We suggest building your own home bar with ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, which double as an attractive, budget-friendly alternative to a custom built home bar.

Use RTA Kitchen Cabinets to Build a Home Wet or Dry Bar

Most people want to add an at-home wet or dry bar to their kitchen, basement, or living room. It’s simple with RTA kitchen cabinets, which are designed to fit these kinds of spaces. The first step is choosing your style, then checking to make sure the cabinet line you like includes storage accessory add-ons like wine racks, stem glass holders, or wine cabinets. Naturally, your at-home bar should coordinate with your interior design. CS Hardware offers a generous selection of options, including popular white kitchen cabinets and shaker-style cabinets. Dark cabinets have long been a preferred choice for man cave bars, and we have plenty of wood cabinets in darker stains to complement this space. Browse our modern slab door cabinets if you have a contemporary, European-style home. Our line of traditional cabinets works well for people building a home bar in an American aesthetic.

You’ll need to measure your space for the base and wall cabinets you need. If you want a mini fridge, remember to leave room for it near an outlet as you’re measuring your base cabinet dimensions. Glass-ready doors make for an exceptional home bar detail in your wall cabinets. Seeing decorative glassware, mixers, or coffee mugs adds an upscale appeal, especially if you choose under cabinet lighting.  If you have room, an RTA kitchen island works well as a bar counter that can accommodate seating as well as provide extra storage for blenders, servingware, and coffee accessories.  

Is a wet bar better than a dry bar?

A wet bar has a sink; a dry bar does not. So, a wet bar is better if you want running water at your home bar. Some people only want cabinets and counter space with plenty of surface area and storage. If that’s the case, then a dry bar is all you need.

How tall should an at-home bar be?

The height of your at-home bar depends on whether you’re creating a standard bar or if you’re keeping everything at counter height. Standard counters stand between 34 and 36 inches from the floor to the countertop. If you turn a standard RTA kitchen island into a bar, then you need to make sure you get “counter height” bar stools to fit. On the other hand, if you’re creating a pub or restaurant-style bar in your home, standard bar height is 40”–42”. For a seated wet or dry bar, you’ll need “bar height” stools appropriate for the height of the counter.

Creating a Home Bar With RTA Cabinets From CS Hardware

Browse through our inspired collection of RTA kitchen cabinets to discover the style that appeals to you. Choose the base and wall cabinets you want, remembering to pick out a sink base instead of a standard base if you’re building a wet bar.  Many of our options include wine racks, stem glass holders, and glass-ready doors perfect for your at home bar. Our Arcadia White Shaker series has an add-on wine rack as well as a stem glass organizer, and these cabinets look fantastic in contemporary and coastal themes. For darker at-home bar cabinets that have barware storage accessories, look at the Grand Haven series. If you need a home bar to fit with Scandinavian or European-style interior design, our Rushmore Painted Legend series gives you sleek, frameless slab door cabinets in subtle blue tones. The Rushmore line offers wine cabinets as well as sink base cabinets and wall mount sink bases for an ultra-modern wet bar.

Start your DIY at-home bar project with RTA cabinets from CS Hardware. Contact us to discuss design ideas, get style recommendations to match your vision, or learn more about home renovations with ready-to-assemble cabinets.