The Best White Kitchen Cabinets

Galaxy White Kitchen Cabinets by Fabuwood Offered by CS Hardware

White kitchen cabinets remain one of the most popular choices for kitchen cabinets because they have timeless appeal. For a bright, airy space, white is the way to go, which is why we offer so many options in this classic color. You’ll find the best white kitchen cabinets for your home at CS Hardware, where we offer a full range of assembled and ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets to fit your project and budget.

What Type of White Kitchen Cabinets are Best?

The style of your new white kitchen cabinets should complement the rest of your home’s decor. Or, if you’re starting an interior remodel with the kitchen, the best cabinets are the ones that suit the vision of your upgrade, give you outstanding quality, and fall within your budget.

White Shaker-Style Cabinets

A long-time favorite, white shaker-style cabinets create an understated elegance to your kitchen with their simple frame design. White shaker cabinets are best if you want an uncomplicated look that can adapt to farmhouse, coastal, or contemporary kitchens. Many people select white shaker cabinets for European-influenced kitchens such as British or French country aesthetics.

White Modern Frameless Cabinets

Modern slab door cabinets are best if you’re building a sleek, Scandinavian kitchen or an art deco-inspired one. Frameless door frames and a full overlay create a chic, streamlined look. This style of white kitchen cabinets is also perfect for capturing a midcentury modern design.

White Traditional Cabinets

A lot of our customers prefer the bold lines found in contemporary American kitchens. Our collection of white traditional cabinets includes the best options for anyone who wants to feature this look in their home. Traditional cabinet door faces include carved or beveled edges (or both) on the door frame, typical of American kitchens built after the 1950s.

White Transitional Cabinets

Transitional cabinets blend the boxy shaker style with a beveled frame, which adds a modern embellishment to the flat edges of shaker frames. White transitional RTA cabinets are the best choice for DIYers who want their kitchen to balance traditional style with modern lines.

Is White Still Popular for Kitchen Cabinets?

Design trends for kitchens indicate that white remains a popular color choice for cabinets. It’s likely that white kitchen cabinets will stay in style for a long time although the all-white kitchen trend seems to be fading. Black countertops with white cabinets, as well as other two-tone combinations, edged out the popularity of monochromatic white kitchens starting in 2022. The ultrabright pure white shade that topped homeowners’ remodel lists during the height of the pandemic has given way to more subdued, warmer whites like homey, antique whites and creams. As always, if you’re not ready to replace your kitchen cabinets, an easy transformation is to paint them with antique white milk paint from CS Hardware.

What is the Most Popular Shade of White for Kitchen Cabinets?

Bright whites and warm whites continue to be the most popular shades of white for kitchen cabinets. If you want a warm white, recommend looking at any of our Linen kitchen cabinet lines, like Trenton or Galaxy Linen. If you are looking for a bright white, Galaxy White continues to be a crowd favorite.

Creating a White Kitchen with RTA Cabinets from CS Hardware

Browse through our inspired collection of white RTA kitchen cabinets to find the best option for you. Our Our Palmetto White shaker series offers tea-stained accents accompanied by a satin white finish for French country or rustic Italian kitchens. If you need kitchen cabinets to fit with a mod interior design, our Catalina Bianco Gloss series gives you sleek, frameless slab door cabinets in a glossy finish. to build a traditional kitchen with a minimalist feel, browse the Luna Dove series by Fabuwood. These cabinets offer a slender frame that marries the look of a classic American kitchen with a modern flair. To construct your dream kitchen with transitional cabinets, browse the features in our Trenton series by JSI Cabinetry.

Start your kitchen upgrade with white RTA cabinets from CS Hardware. Contact us to discuss your kitchen design ideas, get white cabinet recommendations to match your vision, or learn more about your options.