Transform Your Wine Cellar Design with a Rolling Ladder

Wine cellar with rolling ladder

A Custom Service Hardware rolling ladder can elevate the design and functionality of your residential or commercial wine cellar. A ladder with wheels makes retrieving and storing wines a much more elegant undertaking than stationary ladders and step stools.

Why Add a Rolling Ladder to Your Wine Cellar

Classic, elegant, and interesting, rolling ladders allow you to maximize your wine cellar space by giving you floor-to-ceiling access. They add a sophisticated touch, and rolling ladders from Custom Service Hardware can be tailored to fit the design aesthetic and height requirements of your custom wine cellar. This type of ladder is also referred to as a sliding ladder or library ladder.

How to Select a Rolling Ladder

There are a few factors to consider when you’re choosing a rolling ladder for your wine cellar. Traditional wooden library rolling ladders look perfect in craftsman-style or curved wine cellars—a Putnam ladder would be a beautiful choice in this application. If you are looking for more of a minimalist look, CSH’s Quiet Glide or E-Glide rolling ladders suit industrial or modern spaces.  If you’ve invested in a custom wine cellar from our partners at Genuwine Cellars for your home or business, then you’ll want a perfect match from a CSH rolling ladder.

Matching your rolling ladder to your wine cellar depends on whether you have a commercial or residential space, your design aesthetic, and your budget. Custom Service Hardware offers high-quality rolling ladders in a customizable variety to fit several styles and price points.

Rolling Ladders as Functional Wine Cellar Décor for Home and Business

Think of your sliding wine cellar ladder as a useful tool that adds decorative appeal. CSH offers five rolling ladder options, from custom to semi-custom. Choose from vintage Putnam ladders to traditional designs and wooden library ladders—all of which look stunning in a custom wine cellar from our friends at Genuwine Cellars

Wine Cellar Wooden Ladder

If you’re searching for a rolling ladder to match a custom walnut wine cellar or other type of handsome hardwood, the timeless style of an authentic Putnam ladder from Custom Service Hardware completes the look. The style of ladder used in early 20th century dry goods stores, phone companies, and for elite clothiers like Brooks Brothers, the Putnam ladder has been the definitive rolling ladder for 100 years. With a Putnam ladder, you can choose the wood species, hardware finish, wheel style, and top slide fixture.

Rolling Library Ladders for Wine Cellars

The timeless appeal of a traditional wine cellar deserves a premium library style rolling ladder, like the Quiet Glide Series from CSH. This rolling ladder system is the only one on the market that offers solid aluminum rails instead of hollow tubes, and clients may choose from 11 species of wood that can be cut to match any height, in some cases, even over ten feet. For people who want a high-quality rolling ladder designed primarily for function, the E-Glide Ladder Series from Custom Service Hardware delivers a simple, sturdy design perfect for a homey residential wine cellar or a commercial wine cellar that has a rustic or minimalist vibe.

Metal Rolling Ladders for Contemporary Spaces

CSH offers the sleek, innovative ALTA metal ladder line to fit modern, minimalist, Euro, or industrial chic spaces. Precision engineered and featuring a bespoke wheel braking system, these metal rolling ladders deliver a cutting-edge appeal and optimum safety. Choose from premium finishes. Complete the look of your contemporary wine cellar with an ALTA metal ladder.

Customizing Your Wine Cellar’s Rolling Ladder

Custom Service Hardware can create a custom rolling wine cellar ladder for your home, business, or restaurant. Choose your wood species and match it with the right option in hardware kits. Add handrails for extra safety. Ladder height, top slide fixture, and wheel style can also be customized to suit your needs. CSH offers swivel rollers so your ladder can function in curved or circular wine cellars.

Building a Home or Basement Wine Cellar That Includes a Rolling Ladder

Your wine cellar ladder is an important accessory to the overall aesthetic of your space. If you’re working with Genuwine Cellars to build a wine room in your home, you’ll get a work of art that speaks to your tastes and sense of style. Thus, the details on your rolling ladder matter. Find hardware options in hammered antique brass for stately elegance or artful cool, whichever detail complements the atmosphere your wine cellar creates. Other hardware finishes include black, chrome, satin nickel, polished brass, or oil-rubbed bronze. Commercial wine cellars benefit from larger rolling ladders, and the option to create a custom Putnam ladder with Custom Service Hardware means you can dovetail your rolling ladder needs and style with the wine cellar design.

A Smart Choice: Rolling Ladders in Commercial Wine Cellar Designs

A rolling library ladder in your commercial wine cellar looks sophisticated and stylish, but incorporating one into your design also maximizes precious wall space. Store more bottles for clients or customers by utilizing floor-to-ceiling surface area. For commercial spaces with high ceilings, adding a rolling ladder to your wine cellar is a must. Optimize storage capacity with a custom size ladder from CSH. If you’re doubling your wine cellar as a space for entertaining clients, the quality and details of your rolling ladder add a luxury detail designed to impress. 

Whether you’re building a commercial or residential wine cellar, pairing Genuwine Cellars with Custom Service Hardware rolling ladders guarantees a stunning work of art that stores wine perfectly and makes the most of your space.