Mini Barn Door Hardware

Mini Barn Door Hardware on a kitchen cabinet island

Achieve a cool rustic or industrial look for cabinets and furniture using mini barn door hardware from Custom Service Hardware. The sliding barn door has been popular in standard door frames for several years, adding a unique component to homes and businesses. This classic farmhouse style translates beautifully to industrial spaces with the proper hardware, and now the barn door is available in cabinet and credenza sizes so you can achieve these looks for smaller spaces. With a mini barn door, you’ll need mini barn door hardware.

What Is Mini Barn Door Hardware?

Mini barn door hardware is the same rollers, rails, and mounts used in standard sliding barn doors but small enough to accommodate cabinet doors. With mini barn door hardware, you can transform traditional open-and-shut cabinets into bi-fold or sliding doors. Custom Service Hardware supplies mini barn door hardware in black and satin nickel finishes so you can match it to your décor. Choose from a standard mini barn door, where the door panel slides from side to side; or, use a bi-fold style, where the doors release from the center and fold to each side of the cabinet, much like shutters.

DIY Projects with Mini Barn Door Hardware

Updating your cabinets and furniture with mini barn doors is easy, and there are quite a few DIY projects you can do with creative mini barn door hardware applications:

  • Switch bathroom medicine cabinet swing doors with mini barn doors. Satin nickel is a fantastic finish for most bathrooms, and black compliments darker bathrooms and provides a nice contrast for all-white décor. 
  • Add mini barn doors to entertainment centers. Accessing gaming equipment is easy with sliding or bifold mini barn doors. 
  • Replace traditional credenza doors with mini barn doors and update the style with black or satin nickel hardware. Standard or bifold mini barn doors are fantastic space savers for credenzas in smaller spaces.

Save space in your laundry room by installing mini barn doors instead of traditional swing doors. Smaller laundry rooms benefit from sliding doors that don’t take up space opening outwards. Satin nickel mini barn door hardware adds an upscale detail, and black hardware can create a striking contrast against white or light colors for visual appeal.

Mini-Bifold Cabinet with Mini Barn Door Hardware

How To Install Mini Barn Door Hardware

Your mini barn door will either be a bi-fold set-up or a standard sliding mini barn door, depending on which look you want. Here is a very general guideline for how to install your hardware.

To install a mini bi-fold barn door:

  • Install the rail with the supplied fasteners.
  • Install the hardware on the doors: butt hinges, then the pivot straps, then the bottom pivot sleeve.
  • Add the fixed roller lock bracket.
  • Finish by installing the bottom pivot plate.

To install a standard mini bi-fold barn door:

  • Install the straps first, centering the strap on the stile if it’s a single sliding door. For parting doors, install the supplied door stops in the middle.
  • Add the rail.
  • Secure the bottom of the doors. 

We include detailed instruction manuals on our product pages with specific instructions for how to measure, drill, and ensure your mini barn doors work properly. Click the “Downloads” tab on the hardware product page to find the manual.

Buy Mini Barn Door Hardware at Custom Service Hardware

Custom Service Hardware supplies durable, attractive options in both cabinet and furniture mini barn door hardware. If you’re not sure which hardware sizes to buy for your project, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. They’ll be happy to help you choose the right mini barn door hardware. Reach them by phone from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday–Friday (CST) at 1-800-882-0009 or via email at