Small Kitchen Design Hacks

A small space doesn’t need to limit the greatness of your kitchen. Use these small kitchen design hacks from Custom Service Hardware to maximize space and storage. Sure, sprawling countertops and walk-in pantries are tempting, but there’s a certain charm to a well-designed, space-efficient kitchen. If you need to make the most of each inch of kitchen space, these design hacks are for you.

Consider Tall Cabinets for Small Kitchen Design

Let’s face it, floor space in a small kitchen is precious. That’s where tall cabinets come to the rescue. These vertical heroes maximize your storage capacity without stealing valuable countertop real estate. Think 7-f00t to 8-foot pantries at 18 inches wide and two feet deep, and you can picture how much storage you get for minimal floor space. From sleek and modern to warm and traditional, we offer pantries with many of our popular cabinet styles, so you can find the perfect tall cabinets to fit for your kitchen.

Corner Cabinets Make Efficient Use of Space

Does your kitchen space include those awkward corner nooks? Corner cabinets are the ultimate small kitchen design hack, transforming dead corners into usable storage space. Find corner cabinets in many of our kitchen series, from the beachy Sanibel line to the stunning Amesbury Espresso Collection, gray shaker cabinets, and more. Add a Lazy Susan to make every inch of your corner cabinet work overtime. 

Think Space Saving Solutions: Organization Racks, Pull Out Cabinets, and On-Door Storage

Without much room in a kitchen, it’s easy to get in the habit of cluttering countertops. Instead, equip the inside your cabinets with space saving solutions like organization racks, pull out cabinets, and on-door storage. Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect kitchen space saving solutions that will reclaim precious counter space.

Specialty Space Savers & Kitchen Organizers

Spices, pots and pans, storage containers, cutting boards, baking sheets – they all need a home, but in a small kitchen, finding one can be a challenge. Enter specialty storage solutions. Custom Service Hardware offers a treasure trove of clever organizers for your kitchen cabinets, like hook racks for cookware, utensil drawers, and mechanical-lift shelves designed specifically for storing small appliances in awkward spaces. No more Tetris-ing your cookware, winnowing to the essentials, or involuntary minimalism.

On-Door Storage Makes for Smart Small Kitchen Design

Don’t underestimate the potential storage power of your cabinet doors. On-door storage is a game-changer for small kitchens. Custom Service Hardware offers ingenious, easy-to-install organizers that attach to the inside of your cabinet doors, holding everything from spices and cleaning supplies to recipe books and paper towels. On-door space solutions add an extra layer of storage without sacrificing precious kitchen counter or floor space.

Custom Pull-Out Cabinet Shelves

Forget the frustration of accidentally toppling things precariously stacked in your cabinets or storing small kitchen appliances in hall closets. Cabinet pull-outs are your secret weapon for maximizing accessibility and optimizing space in small kitchens. Custom Service Hardware offers pull-out shelves, drawers, and canister organizers that fit your cabinets like a glove, organizing your belongings and bringing even the most out-of-reach items to your fingertips. Pull-out wine racks are the ultimate small kitchen answer to storing plenty of vino for yourself and for entertaining. 

Pro Tip: Rely on the power of decluttering to optimize small kitchens. Before adding new space-saving storage solutions, take time to purge unused kitchen tools and expired products. You might be surprised at how much space becomes available when you clear out everything you no longer need.

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be a cooking conundrum. With a little creativity and the right space-saving solutions from us, you can transform your kitchen into a haven of efficiency and style. For more information about our products that make more space for a small kitchen, contact us at 262-375-7960 (M-F 8am-4:3opm CST) or through our contact form. We’re happy to help!