Spotlight: Legend Cabinetry at Custom Service Hardware

Legend Glacier Kitchen Cabinets

Legend Cabinetry set the standard for quality, value, variety, and sustainable practices. Find your Legend cabinets at Custom Service Hardware. We offer several of their durable painted cabinets as well as popular rustic styles and Legend’s environmentally-conscious stained wood lines.

Meticulously constructed by skilled craftsmen in Minnesota, all styles produced by Legend Cabinetry include premium features like solid wood or high-density fiberboard (HDF) doors, dovetail drawer boxes, and soft-close hinges, ensuring a lifetime of smooth operation and lasting beauty. 

The base cabinets in this beautiful kitchen are Legend Cabinetry’s Rainier Painted series, in the color Granite.

Legend Painted Cabinets Available at Custom Service Hardware

Legend’s commitment to American production means that their painted cabinets feature Sherwin Williams finishes. The quality is impeccable, in colors suitable for any design theme.

Rainier Painted Cabinets

  • Crisp & Clean Versatility: Shaker-style doors give you crisp and clean versatility. This line is the epitome of pleasing neutral color tones and effortless elegance.
  • Customization Options: Whether your dream kitchen is a minimalist haven or a pops-of-color culinary playground, the Rainier painted series provides a proper canvas for your unique design vision. These cabinets come with universal components for a wide range of add-ons so you can build to your style and needs.

Denali Painted Cabinets

  • Bold & Dramatic: For a touch of sophisticated drama, Legend’s Denali painted series is your answer. Wider frame panels make a statement, while classic neutral whites or a timeless deep gray offer a touch of understated elegance. 
  • Built for Function: The Denali line also features soft-close drawers and pull-out shelving solutions that prioritize effortless organization and everyday functionality. Denali painted cabinets are the perfect choice for home chefs who want a handsome kitchen for creation and entertaining. 

Rushmore Painted Cabinets

  • Slab Front Doors: Legend’s Rushmore painted cabinets is their slab front line, offering a smooth, sleek door and drawer face. Imagine sleek stainless steel appliances contrasting against minimalist cabinets, and picture built-in wine racks adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Calming Colors: This series comes in three neutral white options, one deep gray & one black option making these cabinets versatile across design themes. From a homey, simple vibe to a modern, moody kitchen, Rushmore painted cabinets complete the look. 

Niagara Painted Cabinets

  • Coastal Cool: Niagara painted cabinets are the epitome of coastal cool, creating a kitchen that’s as calming as it is beautiful. For homeowners who want to bring a quaint touch of New England fishing villages or a relaxed California beach feel to their space, the Niagara line from Legend is the perfect choice. Neutral whites, a soft gray or rich gray, give you the right colors for your coastal canvas.
  • Mix and Match Versatility: Contemporary kitchens mix-and-match wall cabinet and base cabinet colors, so consider Niagara wall cabinets in a warm Glacier white paired with the dramatic Granite gray for base cabinets. (Or, vice versa). 

Sierra Painted Cabinets

  • Sleek Take on Classic Shaker: The panel frames on Legend’s Sierra painted cabinets are slimmer than traditional shaker cabinets, giving this line a more modern look. This line works well for homeowners who want to blend traditional kitchen aesthetics with contemporary design elements.
  • Natural Color Tones: Color tones found in nature are all the rage for today’s kitchens, and Legend’s Sierra line has the perfect choice of warm and cool whites as well a dark, woodsy gray and black. With Sierra painted cabinets, you can have the contemporary all-white kitchen with natural accents or a darker color palette to show off flooring, appliances, and lighting.
Legend Denali White Kitchen Cabinets with a Rustic Birch island
Legend Cabinetry’s Denali Painted series in White creates a clean, crisp, and airy kitchen with an open and inviting vibe.

Legend Cabinetry’s Popular Rustic Styles & Environmentally-Friendly Stained Wood 

The rustic and stained wood cabinet looks took off in 2023, growing more popular than ever as homeowners leaned towards more natural color shades, preferring visible wood grains and earthy tones. Custom Service Hardware offers both rustic and stained wood options from Legend Cabinetry, in the same styles as their painted cabinets. Choose from rich light and dark grays, a warm acorn brown, or go with the stunning, multi-tonal appeal of natural wood in the Rainier, Rushmore, Denali, and Niagara series. For slim-frame shaker-style cabinets in stained wood, look to Legend’s Sierra series.

Legend’s premier rustic cabinet styles include visible wood grain and knotted accents. The visible wood knots add the natural look of freshly-cut lumber to your space, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants an authentic cabin or hand-built feel to their kitchen. Legend’s stained wood cabinets feature a beautifully distressed stain finish that enhances the wood’s natural grain. Legend’s stained wood lines are free of visible wood knots, giving the cabinets a cleaner, more modern appeal while preserving the natural look. 

We’re proud to offer the quality Legend is known for, and we’re just as proud to note that the company chooses stains and uses finishing processes that reduce environmental emissions. Legend Cabinetry is conscientious about their footprint, recycling their wood scraps for animal bedding and investing in infrared technology that produces less carbon during the finishing process. And, they do all of this at an attractive price point for homeowners.

Buying Legend Cabinets from Custom Service Hardware

We’re happy to talk more with you about the benefits of choosing Legend Cabinetry products for your build or remodel. Just give us a call at (262) 375-7960 Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm (CST). Or, send us an email on our contact form. If you’re ready to shop, use our filter tools to browse our Legend offerings in painted cabinets and stained wood cabinets. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions.