Interesting Ways To Use InvisiDoor Hidden Rooms 

InvisiDoor bookcases at Custom Service Hardware put the dream of having your own hidden room within reach. In a world where privacy and security are paramount, InvisiDoor offers an innovative and less expensive solution to custom hidden door installation. With two assembled options and one DIY assembly, our InvisiDoor bookcases conceal everything—from safe rooms, home offices, extra storage areas, pantries, and gun closets. Add an activation accessory like InvisiDoor’s special book latch, and you can have spy-level secrecy in your very own home. 


Concealing a Safe Room

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, the concept of a safe room as a matter of course has gained significant traction. Homeowners want reliable protection, and a safe room (a.k.a, panic room) is a tried-and-true way to fortify a house with a secure hideaway. For your safe room, you’ll need an unobtrusive entrance, and the Invisidoor bookcase is the best answer. It appears to outsiders to be a regular bookcase. In reality, it’s a bi-fold door or single pivot door that opens to your safe room. The InvisiDoor becomes the clandestine guardian, offering a discreet entrance to a secure sanctuary.

InvisiDoor Bookcase Doors as Hidden Portals

For those who harbor a love for literature and the mystique of hidden realms, the InvisiDoor bookcase provides a perfect blend of functionality with the excitement of the “portal” adventure. A secret door disguised as a bookcase allows you to seamlessly transition between the ordinary and the extraordinary, stepping into a world of enchantment. Fill the shelves with your favorite books, being sure to hide the secret book latch accessory among your favorite titles. One gentle pull on the book latch and voilá! The door opens, revealing a secret room behind it. If you’re someone who loves magic and novelty, an InvisiDoor bookcase also makes for a delightful secret door from one room into another, as from a dining room into a kitchen.

Creating a Secret Room

A secret room in your home can be anything you want it to be—and any size, depending on your space parameters. Many people incorporate a secret or hidden room in their homes as a gun safe room, extra storage room, spare pantry, personal sanctuary, and more. Our key card entry accessory ensures restricted access so only people authorized to open the secret InvisiDoor bookcase are able to. Limited entry access is ideal for adults storing firearms or for anyone who wants top-tier concealment. 

If you want to explore novel ways to incorporate InvisiDoor into your living spaces, consider:

  • Using a hidden room as a sophisticated home business space, combining productivity with privacy.
  • Experimenting with hidden closet door ideas to add an element of surprise to your wardrobe.
  • Creating a personal sanctuary like a fanciful library, man cave, yoga or meditation space, movie room, or art studio.

InvisiDoor Bookcase for a Hidden Home Office

Since working from home became the norm, navigating how to create an ideal office space in the house has been a huge challenge. By adding a hidden room, accessible by an InvisiDoor bookcase, you can create an ideal office where you can work in peace. With the bookcase disguise on the outside, your home office is perfectly concealed, preventing guests or repairmen in your home from accidentally seeing sensitive information. If you’re handy, choose the ready-to-assemble pivot bookcase door for additional savings. 

Custom Service Hardware’s InvisiDoor bookcase transcends the ordinary, offering a versatile solution to those seeking to add privacy, security, or a touch of mystery in their living spaces. InvisiDoor lets everyday homeowners add another level of creativity and elegance to their homes, transforming regular rooms into realms of intrigue and innovation. Contact us at 262-375-7960 (M-F 8am-4:30pm CST) or through our contact form. We’re happy to help!