Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends for 2024

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From classic knobs and pulls to the latest looks in mixed metals, we have the kitchen cabinet hardware trends to make your kitchen look its best. The knobs, pulls, and latches in our decorative hardware include vintage and antique designs as well as the latest trends in brass and black. Browse our collection if you need kitchen cabinet hardware ideas, or read on to discover the latest trends.

The Importance of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Cabinets create the dominant look and feel of a kitchen, but it’s the kitchen cabinet hardware that adds the aesthetic details. Choosing the right hardware gives your space a touch of your personality and enhances the design theme. Yes, you absolutely want functional hardware that makes your cabinets more user-friendly, but you also want to choose the best style to match your dominant look—as well as to coordinate with the appliances.

It’s worth noting, too, that a simple swap-out of cabinet hardware can radically change the style of your kitchen. New knobs and drawer pulls in different materials or colors shift the aesthetics of your kitchen. It’s a quick and effective makeover that won’t break the bank!

The Top 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends

This year’s main kitchen cabinet hardware trend is all about mixing and matching. Mixed metals are big, and so are mixed materials. For example, you can choose brass bar pulls for base cabinets and a textured nickel knob for the wall cabinets. Black hardware in a matte or satin finish always makes an excellent choice for a coordinating or contrasting color.

Mixed materials are new on the kitchen cabinet hardware trend scene, and they’re creating very interesting textures in the contemporary kitchen. Retro wood knobs mixed with pulls in polished or oil-rubbed finishes are visually appealing choices in moody or nature-themed kitchens. But you can also mix-and-match porcelain with glass, stone with metal, or recycled plastics with pretty much any other material. The key is making sure you’re coordinating so the differences enhance each other rather than clash.

Other Key Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends for 2024

  • Bright metals. Golds, rose golds, copper, and polished brass are all hot trends in cabinet hardware right now. Black matte is still popular, but homeowners and designers are leaning towards more metallics this year. 
  • Nature themes.  Nature-themed pulls and knobs accentuate the natural trend that’s sweeping kitchens at the moment. 
  • Oversized pulls and geometric shapes. Creating subtle visual interest is in, so think about adding square knobs or knobs in unexpected shapes to your cabinets. 
  • Upgraded hinges. Concealed hinges and self-closing hinges have gained popularity. Updating your old hinges to these new styles is another quick and easy way to refresh your kitchen cabinets.

How Do I Choose the Right Hardware for My Kitchen?

To make the right hardware choice, take into consideration the overall theme of your kitchen as well as the specific design of your cabinets. You’ll also need to decide whether or not you want coordinating decorative appliance pulls, too. If you do, we have plenty of on-trend styles to match your kitchen cabinet hardware!

Cabinet Hardware Style Trends At-A-Glance

Fortunately, today we get the best of all style and design eras, since the modern kitchen reflects individuality and personality. Farmhouse kitchen in New York City? Sure! Coastal kitchen in Minneapolis? Go for it! Whatever your kitchen design style, there’s cabinet hardware to match it.

  • Vintage hardware: For a vintage look, check out mid-century cone knobs and egg-shaped polished brass knobs, which also work for Deco or whimsical spaces.  
  • Antique or traditional hardware: A knob in black iron lends a hand-forged look to kitchen cabinets, and our beautiful antique ball pull works for drawers as well as cabinets. For traditionally elegant hardware, mock key pulls make a statement.
  • Modern and contemporary hardware: Straightforward bar pulls and bar knobs accentuate minimalist or European cabinets. For more embellishment, look at French country styles or artistic patterns.
  • Industrial hardware: Chrome anything looks good in industrial décor, but so do iron knobs and pulls.
  • Rustic hardware: Rustic cabinet hardware looks great with farmhouse kitchens or in cabins. We have a nice selection of hammered knobs and pulls, and plenty of options that look hand-wrought. Be sure to also check out our rustic cottage knobs and forged pulls. 

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware for Every Trend at Custom Service Hardware

We’re proud to offer many different styles of kitchen cabinet hardware, but we know deciding which ones to choose can get overwhelming. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, and you want to talk to us about options, give us a call at 800-882-0009 or connect with us through our contact form. We’ll be happy to help you choose the right hardware for your kitchen cabinets and appliances!