Choosing the Right Type of Cabinetry

RTA Cabinets

When deciding to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, one of the most important aspects is the cabinets.  Since the cabinets are such a large part of your home renovation project, it’s important to choose an option that fits within your budget, time frame and existing home décor.

There are four main types of cabinetry to choose from- custom, semi-custom, stock and ready-to-assemble (RTA).



In an ideal world, every customer would be able to have custom cabinets in their home. They allow for the upmost customization, are made with precise attention to detail and are expected to last for a long time. The end result is a room that can be admired by guests and appreciated for years to come.

A benefit of choosing custom cabinetry is that they can be made to match any color, style or fit- allowing you to get as close to your dream home as possible. A disadvantage to custom cabinetry is the expensive price tag and the slower delivery time.



The process of semi-custom cabinetry differs from the others in that construction begins once the details of the order have been finalized. The cabinetmakers take pre-built pieces and then finish them to suit the customer’s taste in size, shape and style.

Semi-custom cabinets are the perfect balance between stock and custom- allowing you a lot more flexibility in your choices of features and a shorter delivery time as well. Semi-custom cabinets are ideal for those who have a small kitchen or bathroom and don’t want to waste space on fillers. A disadvantage to semi-custom cabinets is that the level of quality can differ greatly among companies- so make sure to do your research beforehand. There also is a bit of a wait (usually around 4 weeks) for your cabinets to be completed depending on the amount of customizations.



Stock cabinets are made in bulk by manufacturers and are then readily available for immediate purchase or delivery. They are constructed to last a life time- however with the changes in home styles or your own personal taste in décor, you may not want to keep the same cabinets your entire life.

A benefit is the reasonable price and the quick delivery time or in-stock availability. Since many of the customization and ordering options are limited, stock cabinets are an easy way to get the job done fast. A disadvantage to stock cabinetry is that there are a limited number of colors, sizes, styles and finishes (since they are constructed before the customer places their order).  If the color or size doesn’t match exactly to your desire, you would need to re-paint or use filler strips to get the look and fit you want.


Ready-to-assemble (RTA)

RTA cabinets are a simple way to increase the value and look of your home without putting in a ton of money. Due to improvements in manufacturing, a decline in the economy and a new type of “DIY” culture, many cabinet manufacturers and homeowners alike are looking for cheaper alternatives when remodeling their home. There are now more companies producing and selling these RTA cabinets than ever before.

These ready-to-assemble cabinets are sold with all the hardware and assembly accessories needed for a consumer to easily assemble themselves. Usually the company will provide an instruction manual on their website, or you can find video instructions online at various home improvement websites or DIY blogs. If you would prefer to have a professional assemble them, or simply don’t have the time to do so yourself, that can be done as well.