Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

After you”ve remodeled or updated the look of your bathroom with a few small changes, it”s important to keep it looking new and tidy. Even the most stylish and modern bathrooms can look bland or outdated if they are dirty, which is why is it crucial to routinely clean your bathroom properly. Your bathroom mirror, vanity, shower, mats, and toilets all need a little extra attention to make the room look spotless. To make cleaning easier and to encourage it happening more frequently, store cleaning products under the sink or in a nearby closet for ease. Here are some tips for cleaning your bathroom.

clean mirrors

Clean your mirrors. The mirrors in your bathroom are subject to lots of grime. Common culprits include toothpaste, fingerprints, hairspray and more. The first step to clean your mirrors is to evaluate what is causing the grime. For example, spray your hair further away from the mirror to prevent the daily buildup. This will reduce how often you have to clean the bathroom. Then do a quick wipe with a soft cloth to get off any heavy dust or particles. Next, it”s time to use a water-based solution to get rid of grime. A solution of 1 quart of warm water with 1 cup of white vinegar works wonders. Apply with a lint-free cloth or even dry, crumpled up newspaper . If you prefer using a household cleaning product from the store, feel free to do that instead- just make sure it is suited for mirrors.

clean toilet

Keep your toilet clean. Most people dread cleaning the toilet, but it”s an essential task in keeping the bathroom clean and germ-free. Always use gloves and protect yourself from harsh chemicals like bleach and their fumes. Use a toilet brush with a long handle and some toilet cleaner to give it a good scrubbing. Make sure to disinfect the handle and lid as well with anti-bacterial wipes. Remove any hair or dust on the bowl as well, no house guests want to see that!

bathroom vanity top

Pay attention to the vanity tops. The counter tops are used daily and collect debris and residue from your daily grooming activities. Most bathroom vanity tops and sinks are made of marble, granite or laminate and can therefore easily be cleaned. Stay away from any abrasive product and stick to sponges and cloths and your basic bathroom cleaning mixture (homemade or store-bought). Homemade options include a solution of baking soda, a tiny bit of ammonia or dish soap and warm water.

Protect your shower from build-up. Since you use a shower to clean yourself, all the dirt and debris can make it quite a messy area. Turn on a ceiling fan and keep the bathroom door open after showers to increase circulation and prevent mildew. Wipe down the shower with a cloth after each shower or at least once a week to prevent mildew and deposits. Lastly, clean your shower doors with a water/vinegar solution to get rid of streaks, soap residue, tile grout buildup and other water spots.

Prevent mildew on your shower curtains. You should change your shower curtains every year or two. In between those times, there are a few ways to keep them clean and free of mildew. Always use a liner (you can use your old shower curtain for this) and have the nicer curtain on the outside for aesthetic purposes. Spraying down the curtain with a mild disinfectant helps prevent mildew buildup as well.

*some images are from Houzz