Fun Knobs for Kitchen Cabinets

Many kitchen cabinets feature basic brass or wooden knobs in simple shapes, colors and sizes. An easy way to update the look of your kitchen is to add fun and funky knobs to your cabinets. Whether you're looking for bright colors, intricate designs, architectural shapes or animal and food knobs, there are a variety of options to choose from. Here are some fun knobs for your kitchen cabinets.

colored cabinet knob

Colored knobs. To add a pop of color to your kitchen, try installing colored knobs. If you have wooden knobs, they can easily be painted at home as well. Choose a color that matches with your decor or bring in a contrasting color to warm up a white or black kitchen. Reds, greens and yellows are known to blend well with black, white and wood cabinets.

crystal knob

Crystal knobs. Crystal knobs add a hint of elegance to your kitchen. They look great in Victorian style kitchens or kitchens that need to look a little fancier. Try a clear crystal for a versatile look or choose a bright, rich color for some added drama.

glass knob

Glass knobs. Glass knobs often feature unique patterns and colors and are sure to make your cabinets stand out. These types of knobs are often seen in bathrooms, but are becoming popular in kitchens as well.

modern knob

Modern knobs– For a modern kitchen, sleek and stylized knobs are a must. Opt for modern shapes, elegant finishes and nothing too flashy. Brushed satin nickel and polished stainless steel are great options for modern knob materials.

flower knob

Flower knobs. Since you can't always have fresh flowers in the house, why not display them on your cabinet knobs instead? These flower knobs will make every season feel like spring indoors.

acorn knob

Nature knobs. What better way to bring the outdoors inside than with nature cabinet knobs? These knobs make any home feel warm and welcoming. Choose seashells or starfish for beachy homes or leaves and acorns for country themed kitchens.

frog knob

Animal knobs. The rooster has been a popular kitchen symbol for many years, but there are a variety of other animals that can be brought into your home as well. Animal knobs are a fun way to dress up your cabinets and make for a great story to tell house guests. Birds and farm animals are popular options for animal knobs.

fun cabinet knobs

Knobs with fun shapes. Installing knobs that circular or square seems predictable, so why not switch up the shape of your knobs? Just make sure that they are easy to grasp and pull, since you'll be needing to get into the cabinets on a daily basis.

cherry knob

Food knobs. Knobs featuring food are a perfect fit for the kitchen. You'll often see pineapples in the kitchen (they are seen as a symbol of hospitality and welcoming), but there are so many more options you can choose from.