Spotlight on the Iron-A-Way


Built-in ironing centers are a practical way to save space in your home. Whether you typically iron clothes in your laundry room, living room, kitchen or bathroom, having the hardware built into the wall certainly will come in handy. These ironing centers are constructed with the typical homeowner in mind, helping them get their household tasks done with ease while saving space in their home. One of the most popular types of these ironing centers is the Iron-A-Way.

This innovative product will make your home function more efficiently. When not in use, the Iron-A-Way resembles a typical cabinet on the wall. The iron and other hardware is neatly tucked out of sight, leaving your room looking clean and tidy. When you are ready to use the ironing board, just simply open the door, pull the ironing board down and begin ironing.

The Iron-A-Way eliminates the hassle of typical ironing. Ironing boards are bulky and long, which makes it hard to find space to effectively store them in your home. You may have to store your ironing board in a room far away from where you do the ironing, making each time you iron a long process. This product allows you to install the hardware in the room you typically iron in, saving you time and space and eliminating the hassle.

Each Iron-A-Way comes with a ventilated ironing board, premium hot iron storage, a timer, storage shelves, the ironing board's cover and pad, a hot iron rest, a garment bar for hanging your freshly-pressed items, and more.

There are also a variety of customizations you can make to your ironing center. Some of the ironing centers have a swivel which allows you to turn the board horizontally for easier ironing. The doors can come in a variety of wood species and can be painted or styled to your liking to match your room's decor. Or, if you'd rather not have a door, that option is available as well. The various models are different sizes to fit your wall space perfectly. You can install the ironing board at the height of your choice and even install it so it is flush with your wall or cabinet.

Eliminate the chore of ironing with the help of this Iron-A-Way ironing center and our various ironing accessories- including ironing board covers and our pullout/foldout ironing board.