Upgrade Your Home’s Door with a Door Knocker


Although the inside of the home is usually what homeowners focus the most on, the door is essentially one of the first thing house guests will see. It”s time to take a look at this often-neglected area of your home. It”s important to make a good first impression with your home”s entryway. One of the easiest ways to do so is to add a door knocker that fits with your home”s style and personality.

Door knockers serve a variety of purposes. The first purpose is to save your knuckles from the repetitive knocking you would perform on the door to alert the people inside that you have arrived. Another purpose of course is that they add charm and a nice aesthetic to your home. There are a wide variety of styles, shapes, finishes and sizes out there, so it”s easy to find one that matches perfectly with your home. Here are some different styles and types of door knockers to look into.

Traditional ring knockers. These simple and elegant door knockers are still one of the most popular styles today. They are an easy way to add elegance and charm to your front door. Choose a finish and style that matches with the rest of your door”s hardware (the doorknob, handle, etc.) This is a great option for traditional style homes or those who are reluctant to installing a door knocker in the first place.

Monogram door knockers. What better way to welcome new and old guests into your home with a little personalization? A door knocker with your family”s monogram not only lets them know they are at the right house, but also is a great conversation piece. Monogram door knockers are an easy way to seperate your house from the rest on the block.

Animal door knockers. You can opt for the ever popular lion door knocker or be creative and try all different types of animal door knockers. If you”re a dog lover, show off your love for your favorite breed with a matching door knocker.

Object door knockers. If your house has a certain theme to it (a beach theme, country theme, etc.), continue it onto the outside of your door. Object door knockers are an easy way to give outsiders a preview of your home”s decor.

Unique door knockers. Some door knockers are so unique, they are a work of art. Try searching for artists who create handmade door knockers. Choosing a piece with a unique shape, color or style will bring excitement and interest to an otherwise bland door.

*images are from Houzz