Create the Perfect Guest Bathroom

If you have the extra space in your home and entertain visitors frequently, it might be a good idea to create a guest bathroom. Or if you already have one, there are many ways to spruce it up and make it welcoming. Simple additions, a good cleaning and updated fixtures are just a few of the quick and affordable things you can do to create the perfect guest bathroom.


Eliminate clutter. Clear off the sink and counter by getting rid of personal hygiene products and other items that take up space. Only the very basics (like soap) should be featured on the counter. This gives your guest plenty of room to store their own toiletries and practice their own grooming. The same goes for the shower or bathtub- provide only the basics and clear the

area of any other items. Make sure there are hooks or a hamper for wet towels to be dried or placed after each use. Overall, you want to keep the design simple for the guest.


Provide basic toiletries. Although each guest will most likely bring items of their own, you should still always supply the basic items. Provide enough towels and washcloths for the duration of their stay. Storing these in neat baskets or shelves in a practical and attractive technique. Make sure there is extra toilet paper, tissues and air freshener and that it isn”t hidden below in a drawer or cabinet. You should provide basic hand soap, whether it”s in a bottle or a bar, for the guests to wash their hands with. Display your favorite lotions, shampoos and soaps on a tray on the vanity counter so your guest knows they are for their use. Otherwise, make sure each shower is outfitted with basic hair and bath products your guest would use. Placing these items in the shower itself or on a nice tray makes them visible and appears welcoming.


Add fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are a lovely way to welcome a guest. If he or she is allergic, try using fake flowers or another nice centerpiece on the counter.


Feature adequate lighting. An effective bathroom will have both ambient and task lighting. Wall sconces at eye level are ideal for grooming and should be placed right next to the mirror (this is task lighting.) An overhead light is good for showering and other basic activities (ambient lighting). Make sure all lights have working bulbs before guests arrive and replace any old ones.


Give the bathroom a good cleaning. First, wipe down the mirrors so there are no streaks or dust. Sweep or vacuum the floors so there is no hair or other debris laying around. Use a household toilet cleaner to clean the inside of the bowl. Clean the shower walls and make sure the shower curtain isn”t moldy or old. Open the windows (if applicable) and run the fan to air out the space. A nice touch after a thorough cleaning is a deodorizer, candle, potpourri or another scented item.


Double-check for privacy. Make sure the door locks properly and that all window coverings or blinds work. You want your guest to enjoy their stay and not worry about their privacy.

*all images are from Houzz