Are Rolling Barn Doors the Hottest Design Trend Ever?

My google alerts light up with Barn Door notifications – new Houzz photos. I read Dwell and I like to dreamily look at architectural digest, but the design ideas that spark my interest most, I find on Houzz. The site is a visual feast of home design. They are not hand selected and staged for a magazine, but highlights of real projects posted by designers, builders and architects, curated by the people themselves.  This is how I know that barn doors are trending, because Houzz has had an explosion of late. Why?  With a little creativity the hardware can be used so many different ways.

The barn doors here add interest to the very large walls. The project  transforms an old school house into a private residence while maintaing a certain amount of schoolhouse fun.

These barn doors allow for a more open floor plan that transform the spaces into separate rooms when closed.

This is a smaller application, behind these doors is a TV. Now you see it…

One excellent feature is that the door can be virtually any material, this door is a mirror and makes the room behind more intriguing.

This incredible project uses the barn doors as a wall when closed that opens the room to the outdoors.

All of the pictures above came from the very talented people who share their work on Houzz. If you want to see more great ideas we have collections here and here. Feeling inspired to build your own? Our hardware is made right here in Wisconsin and the lovely fleur de lis and spade are hand forged by the nationally recognized and very talented BigHorn Forge Ironworks. Check out all our quality designs at CS Hardware.