Organize Your Office Space

Whether you work in a corporate office or have your own version in the comfort of your home, keeping your space organized can lead to increased productivity. Installing a few pieces of hardware or purchasing some storage items will give your office an entirely new look. Here are a few products to help you organize your office space or media center.

keyboard trayKeyboard trayKeyboard trays usually slide out from underneath the main desk and provide ergonomic support for your hands while you type.  Some versions, like this one, even feature a mouse tray and flip-up compartment to store pens, paper clips and other small office supplies.

laptop drawer with lock

Notebook drawer with lock. Keep your laptop safe and secure by storing it in a pull-out drawer that’s fully equipped with a lock. This not only saves space in your briefcase and on your desk, but it also hides your expensive computer from potential theft.

 cd holder

CD holder. These handy organizers will store your CDs- whether they are music CDS or computer programs- effectively and allow you to see the titles of each. Since they are rather thin and vertical, they easily fit into any office space or media area.

file folder kit

File folder kit. This kit allows you to organize your various folders in a logical way. Once you assemble the file folder kit, you simply place it in a cabinet or drawer for easy access. This will keep all of your important documents in one place and group similar items together.

cable grips

Cable grips. In any office setting, there are typically a large amount of wires, extension cords and plugs. Cable grips help keep the cables and cords organized by grouping and separating each one to your liking. This is great for shared office spaces where two or more employees share a desk area or outlet.

desk grommet

Grommets. Grommets will help to protect wires, cords and cables for your computer and electronic equipment. They protect the wires and cables from damage and debris and usually come in  a variety of colors and sizes to match the decor of your office or home.

power strip

Power strips. Since a typical 2-plug outlet usually won’t suffice, power strips come in handy in office settings. These allow you to plug in 5 or 6 different appliances or electronics at once, which is very useful when working with computers- since you’ll need a plug for the modem, monitor, printer, etc.

usb connector

USB connectors. It’s always helpful to have various USB connectors at hand for projects that may involve extra computers, monitors, or other audio needs.