How to Plan Your New Kitchen Remodeling Project

CSH RTA Ready To Assemble Cabinets

If your household is like many others, your kitchen is a lot more than just a single-cook, utilitarian space. It may serve as a room where multiple cooks work together at once, where you entertain guests, or where spend a lot of time with your family. It might even be a combination of a dining space and a cooking area, making it even more of a central component of your home. Because of this, you want your kitchen to look attractive and inviting–a place where both your family and your guests will feel at home. Here are some steps to make sure you plan the kitchen that is the right fit for your needs, especially if you’re replacing the cabinets and and redesigning the kitchen layout. Continue reading “How to Plan Your New Kitchen Remodeling Project”

How to Secure Your Windows and Doors in the Summer

Home security is especially important in the warmer, summer months. Statistically there is an increase in crime that correlates with rising temperatures. According to, “Burglary is 11% more common in the summer than in the winter — that’s more seasonal variation than for any other single type of crime.” This information isn’t meant to scare, however. Consider it an incentive to protect your home year-round.

If you live in a generally warmer climate like southern California, or just prefer an extra chill, your windows may be open at any point in the year. Same goes to leaving your sliding patio door cracked for a breeze or continued airflow in stifling weather. We all make these choices – so why not make the added choice of including some extra security?

Window and Door Security

Window Locks

The security brand First Watch has a large selection of latches, strike plates, and other home lock and security products. We carry many First Watch home security products, including a window slide stop that can be used on sliding windows and doors. With two steel thumbscrews and an aluminum finish, this small piece of hardware locks your window in a closed or vented position. Leaving windows cracked at night with a Slide Stop prevents an intruder from opening the window further and taking advantage of a weak spot to get into your home. Continue reading “How to Secure Your Windows and Doors in the Summer”

How to Choose the Right RTA Cabinet for Your Home


When it’s time to search for a new kitchen cabinet, the process isn’t just a simple one-stop shopping adventure. Overhauling your kitchen, arguably one of the most important rooms in the home, requires a great deal of time for research and to evaluate your options before committing to purchase. Let’s look over the best ways to start searching for a ready to assemble kitchen cabinet. CS Hardware has undergone a full site design, making it easier than ever before to navigate the ready to assemble kitchen cabinet section. Take a look at the highlighted categories that make your decision process easier:

Top Selling Cabinets

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How to Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes homeowners will compromise on the kitchen initially with visions of improving it later on. The kitchen is quite often a bustling place for cooking meals and entertaining. If the space is limited, don’t feel cheated. Get creative! Consider some useful ideas for maximizing kitchen space and your less-than-ideal kitchen will feel like a perfect fit.

Extend Countertops

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How to Match Furniture to Your Kitchen

Choosing your kitchen cabinets and appliances requires a great deal of research and rumination. Finding pieces that go well together and colors that fit the rest of your home is important. Add in the fact that the kitchen is a major focal point in most homes, either simply for food prep or also for entertaining, and that means putting together the right aesthetic is key. Furniture that complements your kitchen cabinets and overall theme can be chosen in a variety of ways. We take a look at the kind of furniture you can pair with three of our attractive, unique ready to assemble kitchen cabinet designs.

Complement Color and Wood Finish

Choosing the wood finish on your kitchen cabinets is a big decision. The wood finish creates a huge influence on the room and you want to be happy with a wood species you’ll be seeing a great deal of for a long time. One important point is that you don’t need to have an exact match on the wood of your cabinets and the wood or coloring of your furniture. In most cases, you can start by matching the undertones to avoid having too much of a monochromatic look. If the kitchen cabinets contain a hint of red undertones, light coloring, or a richer color, pull from that for choosing your chairs, tables, and other kitchen or dining room furniture.

Complement Color and Appliances

Choose a dominant or aesthetic color from your kitchen to highlight with your furniture. For example, if you have black countertops and appliances in your kitchen, choose furniture with a black or dark color to complement it. Black or dark grey top for a dining room table as well as chairs will look great with your kitchen. Matching your appliances and kitchen cabinet accents with the rest of the furniture in the room allows the small details to pop.

Contrast Furniture and Wood Finish

Instead of streamlining the look, go for something different by contrasting the colors in the room. When it comes to furniture selection, this mostly means choosing between lighter and darker coloring. However, if you’re feeling extremely creative and desire more color, use the color wheel when choosing furniture. For example, dark blues contrast with orange or rust colors, while olive and greens contrast with maroon and red. Otherwise, contrast bright white cabinets with dark, richly colored or wood for the tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces in your kitchen.

Furniture doesn’t need to match to look great in your home, and whatever road you go down you’ll create a unique theme. As long as the styling pleases you and your family, you’ve made the right choice.

How to Fix Broken Drawer Slides

Cabinet drawers see a lot of activity over the years. Whether they’re holding kitchen supplies, hardware tools, or an assortment of random items, drawers bear a great deal of a weight and haphazard use. One day the drawer starts to jam or bind, makes a grinding noise or just plum won’t budge. At that point, it’s clear that you need to investigate and fix the problem with your drawer slides. It’s easy for a misguided slamming of a drawer or general overuse to cause the drawers to stop working properly. Learn about the common problems that break down drawer slides and how to remedy these issues with some easy fixes.

Bent or misshapen sections

After emptying the content of your drawers and carefully removing the drawer itself, examine the slides. If you see any bent or misshapen spots, look at the extent of the damage. Often times, the bend can be smoothed out by re-shaping the slide. First you’ll have to carefully remove the slides from the drawer and drawer box. Use pliers to reshape the drawer slides and smooth out any warped areas. Clean and replace the slides, and you should have a functioning drawer again.

Loose screws

Screws can often come loose over time. When drawer slides aren’t attached to the sides (or bottom) of your drawer properly, the drawer won’t move smoothly anymore. Consider the condition of your drawer slides before pursuing this next step. If they’re in good condition and the screws are the sole problem, get some wood glue before re-tightening the screws. Put some wood glue in the whole and tighten the screws for a seamless and secure attachment.

Use cleaner

Drawer slides gather dust and debris just like all the other forgotten crevices in your home. Maybe the drawers aren’t sliding in and out as easily as before. If there is no major damage to be discovered, the drawer slides might just need some cleaning. Remove the drawer box and examine the slides. Use a basic cleaning spray and a rag to wipe down the slides and ensure they’re clean. Your drawers should be running smoothly after that.

Roller wheels

The roller wheels to the slides are essential for smooth running, especially with soft-closing or self-close drawer slides. If the wheels are just roughed up or mildly damaged, some grease and cleaning should put the wheel back into to normal rolling shape. However if the wheel has been worn down to a more flat edge, or if it’s completely broken, you’ll need to completely replace your drawer slides. The roller wheels are riveted to the body of the slide and cannot be replaced individually.

How to Assemble Base Cabinets with Glue, Dowels and Brad Nails

base cabinet

Although many people tend to assemble their cabinets with glue and cam locks, it can also easily be done with glue, dowels and brad nails.

1. Prep for assembly. Start off by placing the face frame on the ground. The two side panels with toe kicks should slide easily into the frame’s grooves. Next, insert the bottom panel board into the groove on the bottom of the two panels with toe kicks.

2. Assemble main pieces. Insert the two dowels onto the opposite end of the openings (this is the top of the door’s face frame). They should fit into the grooves nicely. Your last panel slides in the empty slot (this will be the back of the cabinet). Insert dowels on the ends of the toe kicks and then add a panel to the front of the toe kicks. This panel should fit perfectly underneath the face frame.

3. Add supports & drawer pieces. Place corner supports on the top of the cabinet and nail them in with brad nails. Then install in drawer sockets and drawer slides.

4. Add door front & shelf pieces. Attach the door front by nailing in the hinges to the face frame. Add in shelf supports and slide shelf in.

5. Assemble the drawers. You will have four pieces and then the bottom (so 5 all together). Apply glue to the grooves of the front drawer piece. Add the two side boards by matching the grooves together. Then install the bottom of the drawer by sliding it into the grooves. Add the back of the drawer piece with glue. The grooves should match up nicely. Slide in drawer slides. Attach decorative drawer front and secure with nails.

After assembling the base cabinets, you’ll probably want to install them. Measure the base cabinets and use a pencil and level to mark a line of the highest point in the floor to the cabinet height. Use the stud finder to locate the studs and mark them accordingly. Fit your cabinet into place and check to make sure it is level. If so, predrill the top framing piece into the wall studs and secure with screws.

Click hereto watch a video tutorial of how to assemble base cabinets.