All About Closet Hardware

The walk-in closet is a dream to many people, because it means having all the space in the world to organize AND stylize their apparel. You can enjoy ultimate closet style without having the big closet if you find the right closet hardware. Here we breakdown the pieces you can buy to make the most of your closet space – no matter how much or how little you have to work with.

Pull Down Rods


For those who can’t reach the top of tall closets, pull down rods allow for making use of all the closet space you have. Closet rods are a unique installation, and they are side-mounted. The pull-down rods are a full system with two side rods and a center rod that can be used for lowering the closet rod. The rods come with a telescoping handle and rod that can accommodate custom lengths and widths. Note that a minimum of 14″ closet depth is needed to install.

Shoe and Pant Storage


Shoe and pant storage usually come in the form of hardware that can be added to a closet system or installed in a closet separately. Utilizing shoe storage is a way to consolidate shoes without sacrificing space. Easy shoe storage systems involve door hang racks and plastic hanging pockets as a stand-alone solution. However you can also choose railing that can be installed on a section of your closet system to keep shoes in place.

Pant racks typically are rods combined on a rack that extends on a drawer slide style track. You can usually install it within a closet that fits the proper width.  The application can also apply to dish rags and similar hanging fabric.

Storage Pullouts


Easy pullout storage can be used for towels, jewelry, and other small items that can be installed in conjunction with a closet space. These kinds of pullouts often run on drawer slides and can be installed in the upper half of a tall closet, thus making use of otherwise empty space. Pullout baskets, pullout rods, and jewelry drawer pullouts can all be used in closet organization.


CSH Steps Up with a Library Ladder for the Room to Dream Foundation

Last fall CS Hardware answered the call for a rolling library ladder needed to help outfit rooms for a family and their daughter who is living with a chronic illness. The Room to Dream Foundation was getting started on a new project for a child in need, and they contacted CS Hardware to get involved. Sydni, a young girl tackling a chronic illness, and her family, received a great home makeover with three re-vamped bedrooms. The bedroom CS Hardware worked on is a room with bunk beds for two children, which needing a rolling library ladder for easy access. Kids love having bunk beds and sharing a room with their siblings when they’re growing up. (Then of course, we all reach that age where “space” becomes paramount.)


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4 Ways to Reuse Old Drawers

Repurposing old home items for new uses is a great way to give new life to something worn down that you’d normally toss. Cabinet or dresser drawers that are in need of replacing can find a new use in other parts of your home. Whether it’s your old furniture or you want to pick up old furniture at a garage sale, there are ways to make the most of what seems like junk. For cabinets, remove the drawer slides and you’re all set! On the other hand, side mount drawer slides and other non-bottom mount styles could be left on for added character. Consider using the slides as an accent to paint or to attach other pieces to. From there, you can stain the drawer to cover wear and tear, or paint a brand new color. Start by deciding how you’d like to reuse the drawer and then the color as well as styling decisions will follow!

From Drawer to… Wall Mounted Mirror

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Home Improvement Tips to Start the New Year Right

Every new year sparks the urge in most people to think about what they’d like to accomplish in the year. Some resolutions can be difficult to keep up with, and some are longer term goals that lose momentum over time. That doesn’t stop us from making them! When it comes to home projects and repair, there are many lofty goals you can strive for, as well as small accomplishments. We put together a list of ideas, big and small, of potential New Year’s goals for the home. Get started with your planning early and be ready to start the year off right. Let us know what your goals are in the comments!

Install a library ladder

Rolling library ladders are no longer strictly for rooms of books. If you have a home with high shelves, especially in the kitchen, a rolling ladder can be a great aesthetic and functional addition. Take advantage of a lofted space with a ladder, and use it for storage or another access point to a room. Rolling ladders can be set up with curved railing so that it can function throughout an entire room. From tall, walk-in closets to high shelves in the kitchen, rolling library ladders can be useful just about anywhere.

Update decorative hardware in kitchen and bath

Changing hardware is a great way to make a room look fresh. Crystal knobs will reflect the light in the kitchen. Antique bronze drawer pulls give a bit of a different look, and enhance the rustic appearance, especially if your cabinets are worn down. The bathroom and the kitchen are the two main rooms to update with new hardware given the cabinet doors and drawers. This can tie in with the next item below as well, if you have the time and money to update the cabinets or vanity further.

Newly made kitchen cabinets: refinish / paint

Depending on your budget, updating your kitchen through the cabinetry is a great way to do it. Pick out a new color or stain, and it’ll only take a few days to paint the cabinets, including preparation. The prep work for the cabinets will take the most time, including cleaning and taking apart the pieces to paint. Another choice is to reface the cabinet doors with new veneer panels. Cooking and heavy use can wear out cabinets, and choosing veneer panels to reface the cabinet doors cleans it up without too much cost or labor time.

How to Match Furniture to Your Kitchen

Choosing your kitchen cabinets and appliances requires a great deal of research and rumination. Finding pieces that go well together and colors that fit the rest of your home is important. Add in the fact that the kitchen is a major focal point in most homes, either simply for food prep or also for entertaining, and that means putting together the right aesthetic is key. Furniture that complements your kitchen cabinets and overall theme can be chosen in a variety of ways. We take a look at the kind of furniture you can pair with three of our attractive, unique ready to assemble kitchen cabinet designs.

Complement Color and Wood Finish

Choosing the wood finish on your kitchen cabinets is a big decision. The wood finish creates a huge influence on the room and you want to be happy with a wood species you’ll be seeing a great deal of for a long time. One important point is that you don’t need to have an exact match on the wood of your cabinets and the wood or coloring of your furniture. In most cases, you can start by matching the undertones to avoid having too much of a monochromatic look. If the kitchen cabinets contain a hint of red undertones, light coloring, or a richer color, pull from that for choosing your chairs, tables, and other kitchen or dining room furniture.

Complement Color and Appliances

Choose a dominant or aesthetic color from your kitchen to highlight with your furniture. For example, if you have black countertops and appliances in your kitchen, choose furniture with a black or dark color to complement it. Black or dark grey top for a dining room table as well as chairs will look great with your kitchen. Matching your appliances and kitchen cabinet accents with the rest of the furniture in the room allows the small details to pop.

Contrast Furniture and Wood Finish

Instead of streamlining the look, go for something different by contrasting the colors in the room. When it comes to furniture selection, this mostly means choosing between lighter and darker coloring. However, if you’re feeling extremely creative and desire more color, use the color wheel when choosing furniture. For example, dark blues contrast with orange or rust colors, while olive and greens contrast with maroon and red. Otherwise, contrast bright white cabinets with dark, richly colored or wood for the tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces in your kitchen.

Furniture doesn’t need to match to look great in your home, and whatever road you go down you’ll create a unique theme. As long as the styling pleases you and your family, you’ve made the right choice.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

This is a guest post provided by Rianne Hunter.

Winter can be a wonderland for those living in the north. However, that wonderland is often accompanied by less than wonderful conditions. A home is especially vulnerable to damage throughout the frigid months of winter, but there are plenty of ways to prepare for potential disaster.

Furnace Maintenance

The furnace is one appliance that no one in colder climes can live without. This is not just a luxury. Residents must keep their homes heated as a matter of survival. That is exactly why furnace maintenance is so important. Autumn is a great time to begin your preparations for winter. It is also the perfect time to schedule a routine furnace inspection to ensure that no malfunctions occur when a constant supply of heat is needed most.

Seal All Windows And Doors

When it comes to getting ready for winter, from Anchorage to Boston home improvement is no joke. This is especially true when winter rears its ugly head. Cold air can get into your home through many sources. Windows and doors must be sealed properly to keep your home warm and reduce your electric bill. Leaky windows and doors cause drafts that force your furnace to work overtime in an attempt to maintain a specific temperature.

Protect Your Plumbing

Just like the doors and windows, the plumbing of your home must also be inspected to prevent winter damage. If water pipes are not insulated properly, then they can burst. A burst pipe can cause serious damage to a home at a time when home repairs are the most difficult to perform.

Prune Overhanging Trees

Defending your home from the dangers of winter can extend beyond the walls of the home itself. The property outside must also be prepped. Winter weather will often cause damage to trees. A falling branch can puncture the roof, damage the walls and even break windows. It is important to prune any trees that stand close to the structure of your home.

Prepare Your Tools

Now that most of the major maintenance tasks have been performed, it is time to arm yourself. Check all winter tools, such as snow blowers, shovels and axes. You should replace any worn or broken tools so that you are better prepared to deal with any heavy snow storms. It is also a good idea to drain the gasoline from your lawnmower and any other appliances that will remain unused throughout the winter months.

These five maintenance tips will help the winter months to pass without a hitch. The key to surviving a winter is to be prepared. Stock up on canned food and emergency supplies before a major snow storm before a major snow storm has a chance to sneak up on you.

Rolling Library Ladders: Past and Present

Library ladders are making a comeback, and not in their traditional use. In the ever-evolving home decor trends, library ladders can be part function and part character for your home. But what is the story behind these tall, rolling ladders? Here we look at the history of the rolling library ladder and all the different ways it can and has been used over time.


The library ladder has origins in the Victorian era, around the mid 1800s. At that time, they were exclusively used in libraries, most likely by the extremely wealthy and powerful people of the time. Whereas today a rolling “library” ladder may be implemented in any room of your home for other functions or style, the library ladder initially was for reaching heights of expansive libraries.

Antique library ladders often were shorter than most you see today. They ranged from 5 feet to 8 feet, often times smaller and appearing more like a step ladder. These Victorian rolling ladders had intricate hand carvings on the railings and had larger surface area at the base for support. Compared to the svelte and strong ladders of today, they look bulky. However the style is of skill and effort indicative of the era.

Present Day

In more recent years, rolling library ladders serve a purpose more in general than specifically related to reaching books. Whether you have high kitchen shelving or just high ceilings, a library ladder can help you reach whatever it is that you need. Additionally, there are many custom and unique styles of ladders you can choose from to get something that fits in your home's decor year round.

Most rolling ladders you'll find for your home today range from 8 feet to 10 feet in height. They come with wheels for easy rolling and they'll help you reach high shelves in your closet, pantry, or elsewhere. You can choose from rich wood finishes and even get custom designs or accents. When you order from CS Hardware you can choose from our ready-to-ship ladders or go custom with only a 3-4 week lead time, and you'll be able to install the rolling door where you need to with ease.

Spotlight on Artesano Iron Works

Hand Forged Iron Door Pull from Artesano Iron Works

When choosing decorative hardware, it's important that the pieces are of high quality and will add interest to your home. A brand that goes above and beyond this is Artesano Iron Works.

Artesano Iron Works features custom, hand-forged iron work masterpieces and beautiful hardware. Utilizing century-old techniques, they create decorative hardware while preserving the old world traditions. Their items feature exquisite attention to detail, custom designs, and are created with a personalized design process- all of which sets them apart from competitors. Their items blend function and aesthetics for the perfect addition to your home.

Artesano Iron Works specializes in iron (hand-forged and cast) and bronze, but also works with other mediums such as natural stone, wood and leather. Their hand forged hardware products include a wide range of items including door knockers, pulls, knobs, towel bars, bathroom hardware, shutters, hinges, fireplace screens and more. In addition to hardware they design and create custom projects around the world. Projects big and small, their team will work from concept to installation. Using traditional methods their highly skilled artisans create unique pieces that are works of art themselves.

In their 10+ year history, they have a portfolio of over 5,000 designs. They have galleries in New York and Pennsylvania, which you can check out here.

Design is in the details and nothing enhances a good home design or restoration project like hand forged hardware pieces. Their hardware is made completely at their forge in Pennsylvania, no part or whole is out sourced or prefabricated.

Here are a few of their decorative hardware pieces available at CS Hardware.

This hand-forged iron door knocker has a hammered texture and a matte black finish for an interesting look.

This hand-forged iron drawer pulls will spruce up your furniture.

This hand-forged iron door pull is sleek and stylish.

Bathroom Hardware Options

One of the easiest ways to enhance the look of your bathroom is to update the hardware. Since a complete remodel is usually out of the question if you're on a strict budget, swapping out your old hardware for new additions is an affordable and quick fix. Whether you're looking for a rustic look or a contemporary feel, there are plenty of decorative hardware options out there for you. Here are a few of my favorite picks.

toilet paper holder

The first piece of hardware you can update in your bathroom is the toilet paper holder. Most bathrooms have a simple plastic holder, and although it gets the job done, it doesn't offer much in terms of design. Maybe you don't even have a toilet paper holder, and you just keep it on a shelf or the back of the toilet. If so, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in a nice hardware piece. Whether you want to splurge on a fancy cast bronze option, or prefer to stick to a classic antique copper, there are so many styles to choose from.

towel bar

Another necessary piece of hardware are towel bars. Larger versions can be attached to the wall for hanging body towels, while smaller versions are great for hand towels or washcloths. Towel bars often take up little space and can be installed just about anywhere. They are great for letting towels properly dry, and are a must-have for guest bathrooms. Look for bars with fun details, such as this one with leaf details or one with an antique gold finish.

towel ring

A must-have hardware piece for your sink is a towel ring. Installed on your wall or side of your vanity cabinets, this hardware piece takes up little room. The hanging ring makes hand towels easily accessible while adding interest to your bathroom's decor. Rust-free towel rings will resist water marks, while luxurious bronze rings can transform the entire look of your space.

towel hook

Hooks are another great hardware option to hang towels, washcloths, robes, clothing and more. Since they are so small and are easily installed on just about any surface, you can have plenty of these without spending too much cash. Double-hooks can hold multiple items at once, making the most of your small space. Choose hooks that match well with the rest of your bathroom hardware, whether it be brass, chrome or oil-rubbed bronze. For a kid's bathroom, why not add fun hooks like this monkey towel hook?

bathroom knob

Lastly, you can update the appearance of your vanity cabinets with new knobs or pulls. Sleek, simple pulls are great for more modern-style bathrooms, while elegant knobs look wonderful in more traditional bathrooms.

Hardware for Raised and Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing your kitchen cabinets, you have a variety of styles and specifications to pick from. These can include the size, color, style and hardware of the cabinets. Two of the most common styles of kitchen cabinetsare raised panel and flat panel.

raised panel cabinets

Raised panel cabinetsare a traditional style that is found in many kitchens. On these cabinets, the panel protrudes slightly and is often accompanied with a matching raised panel around the door’s perimeter. Raised panel cabinet fronts require high quality craftsmanship to ensure that the doors are integrated into the cabinet box. A popular type of raised panel door is the cathedral style. This door style gives an elegant look with their Neo Gothic design. They feature an exaggerated arch at the top of the raised panel, which is usually used on the upper cabinets.

flat panel cabinetsFlat panel cabinets, which are also sometimes referred to as having slab doors, are constructed from a single flat piece of material- usually wood, laminate or steel. There are no raised or recessed parts, which provides a simple design with clean lines to blend with your home’s style. This type of cabinet adds a contemporary look to your room. For those who prefer clean and sleek designs, these are a great option.

Now that you know the difference between these two types of cabinet doors, it's time to choose the right hardware for the cabinets. You may think that any type of hardware (knobs, pulls, hooks, etc.) will do, but there are certain styles, colors and types that look best on each type of cabinet door.

For raised panel cabinets, you want to focus on more intricate and ornate hardware to balance out the design of the door. Raised panel cabinets can sometimes appear more like a piece of furniture than a plain cabinet, which allows you to use hardware that you would typically find on fancy furniture, such as detailed drop pulls, like this wrought iron bail pull. Backplates are another type of hardware that works well with raised panel doors. This also can give the cabinets a furniture-like appearance, like this antique brass backplate. Choose pulls with fun accents, such as this small rosette pull, to add a hint of embellishment to your kitchen. Lastly, you can't forget about knob options. Wood knobs mesh well with the traditional style of most raised panel cabinets.

For flat panel cabinets, minimal and subtle hardware usually looks better. Stainless steel pulls are a popular choice, since they add a modern touch. Tubular and flat styles are your best options for these types of pulls. Recessed pulls add depth to the flat panel, creating a professional look that you'd see in offices. These pulls, like this rectangular flush pull, don't stick out as much as other options. For a simple and affordable option, wire pulls are always a classic choice. They often feature little to no detail, allowing your sleek cabinets to take center stage.